25+ Best New Working Kickass Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites

Kickass Proxy: You may have used Torrentz website to Download Movies for free and other files which may have copyrights for particular files. According to some Government agencies, this Downloading process is illegal and the agencies have passed some orders to block the sites which are having privacy contents.

Best New Working Kickass Proxy sites list

Best Working Kickass Proxy & Unblocked Torrent Sites

Kickass is one of the torrent sites which is having some copyright contents in it and closed due to high insecurity. Many countries and some ISP providers block these torrent sites directly and do not allow its users to access them.

If you are a Kickass user, then you may be faced this situation of a blocked website and get disappointed for unable to access that website. This is the main problem occurs while downloading movies or accessing the Torrent sites like Kickass.cd and many other sites.

But to avoid this type of problem, there is a solution called Proxy Sites or Mirror Sites. If you are not aware of this Proxy, then I will explain you in detail and How Proxy of Kickass works for the Kickass Site users.

What are Proxy Sites?

Proxy Sites are also normal websites which act as a mediator between Client and Banned Website or Unblocked Mirror Sites where you can Search data and Surf data. Let us take an example of Kickass Proxy where Torrentz users like to Access Kickass Torrents Movies using this Proxy site.

These are also called as Mirror Sites which provides users to access the Original website content using Proxy site process. There are many Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites using Kickass Proxy or KAT Proxy to access the Torrentz Movies and Download Torrentz contents.

What is a Proxy Server?

To understand in simple terms, Proxy Server is an Unofficial Server which connects user or client to the websites that are blocked by the government agencies. When you use a proxy for some online request, the request goes to Proxy Server instead of going to Original Server which may be blocked by ISP or Government. The proxy server will change your IP address to a new IP address and gives you access the content on the Proxy Website.

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For example, Proxy of Kickass will provide you access the Kickass Torrent and Kickass Torrents Movies. Kickass Mirror is one of the Best KAT Alternative to access some of the Unblocked Torrent Sites. To understand in simple terms, this Kickass Torrent Proxy is somewhat similar to VPN (Virtual Private Network) where you can access the Original Website content using Proxy Server.

How Kickass Proxy works with Torrentz Site

As I said that many Torrents sites have blocked due to copyrights and orders released by the government. But to access the content on that site, Proxy sites are used with Torrents sites which create a large number of mirror sites to give the user similar experience as that of the original site. This will not matter whether the original site is blocked or banned but Torrent Site will work as usual and the users can access content in it.

But you should be careful with the fake sites which look similar to mirror sites that may create malware attack and infect your computer to steal data. Not all Mirror Torrent Sites are false, but some hackers or bloggers may generate Fault Websites and ask Download Files on your PC which contains malware in the file you Downloaded.

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Kickass Torrent Proxy & Kickass Mirror Sites List

Sl No. Name Speed Status
1. Sitenable.ch Very Fast Working
2. Sitenable.pw Very Fast Working
3. Kat.co Very Fast Working
4. kickass.unblocked.pro Normal Working
5. kickass.unlockproj.loan Fast Blocked
6. kickasstorrents.video Very Fast Down
7. kickass.cd Very Fast Working
8. kickass-cd.pbproxy.red Very Fast Online
9. Filesdownloader.com Very Fast Online
10. Sitenable.top Very Fast Online
11. kat.am Fast Online
12. kickass.unblockme.eu Very Fast Not Working
13. kickass.immunicity.cab Very Fast Working
14. Siteget.net Very Fast Working
15. Freeproxy.io Very Fast Working
16. Sitenable.co Very Fast Working
17. kickass.unlockproj.faith Fast Working
18. kickass.st Fast Working
19. kickasstorrents.to Normal Not Working
20. kickass2.org Slow Working
21. katcr.to Very Fast Blocked
22. kickasstorrent.cr Fast Working
23. kickass.unblocked.live/full Normal Working
24. Kickass.cm Very Fast Working
25. thekat.se Fast Working
26. Freeanimesonline.com Fast Working
27. kickasstorrents.stream Normal Working
28. https://dumbtorrent.com/ Very fast Working
29. dustorrent.com Fast Working
30. kickass5-cd.unblocked.lol Very Fast Working

There was an attack on Kickass Torrent Site by Government Agencies and arrests Artem Vaulin who is the creator and owner of the official website of Kickass Torrent. But many Kickass Torrent Fans and workers have to make mirror site and proxy site to enjoy the surfing the content on Kickass Torrents. These links help you to access the Kickass Torrents with the use of proxy and experience downloading files and surfing content in it. I have gathered few Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites and Listed them for you.

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