All Protection You Need For Your USB Drive Security

USB Drive Security: We won’t be wrong to call USB drives irreplaceable. It came into existence more than a decade ago and still exists as a mandatory part of our lives. It helps us to carry data from one place to another. For example, we may take our office docs back home to study them or take our assignments to our classes to submit them.

password protect usb drive

It’s quite evident that USB drives are still a thing of beauty in terms of its designs, portability, user-friendliness, and what not. Till date, it’s hard to find the alternative option to it. Cloud storage did come into existence but hasn’t really progressed as much as USB devices have. (no questions about it)

However, such attraction also attracts some prying eyes that work 24/7 to harm you by all means necessary. Our drives contain our private files, photos, videos, audios, documents, and more. In simple words, losing our USB drive would be a huge loss for us

In short, our USB drives are dear to us, but we can’t rely simply on its ordinary USB Disk Security. However, all is not lost as there still exists hope in the face USB Secure.

What USB Secure has to offer?

Dependable USB Security:

USB Secure lets you maintain the proper dependable security of your USB drives. You can password protect your USB devices to restrict data theft. In addition, you can re=access your files using the correct password without any requirements of installing the software or even without privileges.

Virtual drive:

You have the option to select between unlocking the locked files completely or accessing only the locked files. It also has the ‘plug and plays’ feature that helps you to stay trouble free if you fear data loss (when you abruptly remove your USB device from PC).


The improved software USB Secure is perfectly compatible with FAT/FAT32/NTFS drives and others types of  USB and External drives. USB Secure lets you password protect all that is dear to you without the fear of data loss and thus maintain the bulletproof security of your files and folders.

Lost n Found feature:

In case if you accidentally lose your device or misplace it, USB Secure lets you recover it quickly. All you need to do is save your contact details (name, number, contact number) so that the finder may reach out to you if he/she has the heart to do it. It’s not 100% recoverable, but it’s better than not putting any information at all.

All in all, USB Secure is an improved data protection software that protects your USB drives from the threats, risks, and dangers and maintains the bullet-proof security of your data into files, photos, videos, and much more. Not only this, but USB Secure also lets you use and protect other storage devices like External drives, flash disks, and other storage devices. All your worries from the past will exist no more as USB got you covered from all possible directions known to humanity.

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