How to Unlock Pattern Without Data Loss On Your Android Smartphone 2017

How to Unlock Pattern Without Data Loss On Your Android Smartphone

Generally, every normal people when they have forgotten the password of their locked phone they rush to the nearest mobile shop and pay them to unlock the mobile.Now I am going to show you some cool tricks to unlock the phone very easily without consuming much time and work.There are six simple ways to unlock the pattern in any smartphone.Basically, there are two strategies to unlock the pattern when you forgot the password.One is unlocking without losing data and another is unlocking the mobile with semi-loss of data in the phone.The process involved in unlocking the mobile is

  1. Google Recovery
  2. Custom Recovery
  3. Android Device Manager
  4. Android Safe Mode
  5. Through ADB Software
  6. Crashing Lock Screen

These six processes include both semi data loss and no data loss. The first two process are used for no data loss. The process can also be applied to the other home screen lock applications like CM Security etc.If you are not required to data on your phone then the following method can be used as it is a very easy way and fast to get recovered.

Booting your Mobile: By using this method you can get rid of your old unlocking screen pattern very easily and very fast by using very simple methods and settings on your phone. In this first, you need to switch off your android mobile and root it by clicking the lock button and volume down button both at a time in some of the moto phones.If you want you can search on the internet for how to root your mobile using model name.As in Samsung phones, you need to click the home button, lock button and volume up button at a time. then you will see some options like clear data, factory reset, android recovery, etc. Select an option and you have to wait for some time till it gets rooted or data is cleared then you will find an unlocked mobile with a new look with all the data cleared.If your data is sunk with the phone then you can restore every data by logging into your Google account. Now the given below methods are totally no data loss methods.

How to Unlock Pattern On Your Android Without Data Loss

1. Google Recovery

Google recovery can be done when you find an option like forgot password on your lock screen.Just click on forgot the password and sign in to your Gmail account and ask for verify your mobile. But make sure that you are connected to the internet access while sign in.

If you are offline then you can turn on the internet connection by scrolling the notification bar. After signing in to your account your mobile will be verified and it will send you a confirmation and also asks for change the lock screen pattern.

So change the pattern and you can use your phone as usual.Remember that this method is only for Android version 4.4.2 KitKat and below.For the mobiles above this version, you will be finding the solution under different methods of unlocking.

2. Custom Recovery

For Custom Recovery method, first of all, you need to know the keys to enter the custom recovery settings.For some moto phones, it is volume down button and lock button and for Samsung phones, it is home, lock, and volume up buttons at a time.As said earlier you need to know which keys work for your device.

For each and every device will have a different mode of custom recovery settings but you need to go to correct settings and everything will be same from that.Then go for mount session and enable all the options to go back and go for file manager so that you could find the files which have to be deleted for unlocking the device.

For that, you need to add the aroma file into your device by USB cable or pen drive etc.Then find the file and install it then you can find the data files for deleting the lock key files like a gatekeeper, lock settings, gesture key, password key etc. Delete all the key files, go back and click on reboot.Then you will find the phone without any lock patterns.

3. Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is the latest method used to unlock the phone in such a way that you need to have an account in it and this is used for only devices like android version above 5.0.

For this you need to leave the locked phone aside and take another mobile and sign in to your Android Device Manager, there you will find the options like Ring, Erase, Lock.Now you can reset the password using the lock option to unlock your screen or otherwise you can also factory reset your mobile using erase option.

By this, you will be entering into the Android Device technically and erase the data and unlock your device or you can change the password.This method is little complicated because your phone should have the custom recovery settings and it can be found in the latest mobiles.

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4. Android Safe Mode

Android Safe Mode method is mainly found in the mobiles which have the Android 5.0 and 5.1.1 (lollipop) versions that are similar to the iPhones.These can only be unlocked for password lock and will not work for pattern or pin locks and may also not working on all the android devices.

This is only because of keeping the unwanted apps like a camera or emergency dial options on the lock screen.The only way to keep the phone safe and make the lock screen unlock by entering the wrong patterns on the screen and go for Google account and reset the password or else you can reboot your device and clear all the data and restore it.

But better not to deal with this type of Android devices because these can also be unlocked but we need to have very technical skills about Android phones like rooting, recovering etc and we will have a big deal with the wastage of time and our efforts.

5. Through ADB Software

This is the method in which you have to download some of the files like Aroma Software which will provide you the settings to Custom Recovery your mobile easily and you can also delete the files to unlock your device. For this method, you need to have the basic knowledge of Android devices and specified keys to reboot or to operate the files and also to store some of the app files in the file manager.

But for this, you should search for specific application which suits your Android device and you should also check all the settings whether they are suitable or not.You should also have the knowledge to select the correct options if not you will download unwanted apps for which your device will get the virus.

So this method should be done under the well-known person who has experience using this.This type of solving the problem is done in the mobile stores under technicians.

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6. Crashing Lock Screen

Crashing Lock Screen is the method which is very rare and can be found in the mobiles which have the Android 5.0 and 5.1.1 (lollipop) versions that are similar to the iPhones.These can only be unlocked for password lock and will not work for pattern or pin locks and may also not working on all the android devices.

It is also a very easy method to unlock your android device by using some tricks and technics which may not work on all the devices.Here you need to do is crashing your mobile in such a way that your mobile settings will give you a notification that your system has to be rebooted for some reasons.

On the lock screen, you will find some applications like an emergency dial, camera etc, use those apps vigorously and so that your lock will not appear and your device will get crashed.Then you can use the above technics like Google recovery, Custom Recovery etc.But this method is highly dangerous for your mobile that may cause hanging or stuck in the software and the processor in the mobile will reduce its efficiency.

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