uBlock Origin vs AdBlock Plus Comparision

Most of them have a doubt on uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus, which is a better Adblocker? As we all know that many Movie sites contain annoying ads which disturb our browsing in between and also opens a few pop-up windows which may cause harm to our desktops.

By creating these ads, the blogger or the website owners will get paid for every click that we make on that site. Some sites will provide very safe browsing, but not all sites will be the same.

For that reason, everyone should use an Adblocker for your browser which protects your system from harmful pop-up sites. But the question arises, Which is the Best AdBlocker? That can solve the problem of annoying ads. We have researched and collected the two most popular AdBlockers that can solve all kinds of issues caused by the websites.

uBlock Origin vs AdBlock Plus Comparision 2018


The two Best AdBlockers at present scenario are “uBlock Origin” and “AdBlock Plus.” You may find software named like uBlock, AdBlock, uBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus, etc. but we are dealing with uBlock Origin vs. AdBlock Plus and comparing the performance between them. Before going to the main topic, clear all your doubts on AdBlockers and inform us any queries or suggestions in the comment box below.

Why should you use an AdBlocker?

If you still think that why should I use an AdBlockers for the browsers, then go through the points, and it’s up to you. It is true that AdBlockers are safe to use as an Extension. Most of the Best AdBlockers are free to use, and they don’t even request for paid versions to upgrade the premium packs. AdBlocker never access your data on your Desktop or Laptop.

Some AdBlockers has an option to donate the money for the AdBlocking Software to any of the charity trust. AdBlocker is a villain for the bloggers and website owners which blocks the ads that are kept on their website. This caused a massive loss of money and rating of the website. Even some advertiser groups believe blocking ads is illegal. But finally, it’s just an extension to your browser which doesn’t make any difference whether you keep it or not.

Steps for AdBlocker users (Beginners)

1. First, choose the AdBlocker which has the Best AdBlocker Features with Great Compatibility, Filters, Interface, History, and Functionalities.
2. Choose the AdBlocker which is suitable for your browser and Download it from the official site.
3. Add the AdBlocker as an Extension to your browser by allowing required permissions.
4. You can create a Blocklist for few handpicked sites to Block Ads while you are browsing on it.
5. Enabling ad blockers is always recommended when visiting sites you don’t entirely trust.

Comparison between AdBlock Plus vs. uBlock Origin


The compatibility of the AdBlocker depends on the usage of the user, the type of browser using, whether the browser is on a PC or mobile phone, and the current version of the browser. Let’s choose the Best AdBlocker that suits our browser and install it to avoid annoying ads from websites.

uBlock Origin is currently available for the following browsers: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Chromium.

AdBlock Plus is currently available for the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Yandex, Internet Explorer, Safari, Maxthon.


The original version of AdBlock was developed by BetaFish Incorporated in the year 2009 by the Author called Michael Gundlach. After 2010, the AdBlock Plus is released and further both works perfectly on all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Initially, the basic version of uBlock Origin was developed by Deathamns, Chris Aljoudi, Alex Vallat in the year 2014. At present, uBlock Origin was developed by Raymond Hill which has been updated for every month and supports popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.


AdBlock was released long ago and the AdBlock Plus was released eight years earlier which serves most of the AdBlocker users in many ways. This is a free and open source which doesn’t have any difficulties while installing or set-up.

uBlock Origin came after the existence of AdBlock but within a short period, it has gained high growth from all over the world. This also a free and open source to download but has more users within a short time.

uBlock Origin vs AdBlock Plus Settings

Coming to Settings, uBlock Origin has 6 tabs and more options like My Rules, Third-party filters, and Whitelist. AdBlock has fewer tabs with limited customization but CPU usage is very less.

However, the CPU usage is more in uBlock Origin, if you use third-party filters and other settings. But if you want a lite AdBlocker with easy user interface then AdBlock is the Best Option.


AdBlock Plus has some lists enabled like EasyList and Acceptable Ads List but the user has to give the instructions that which site has to be blocked by adding external filters.

Whereas uBlock Origin has more options to block selected sites automatically and enables the subscriptions of EasyPrivacy and Easylist. Its latest update has Dynamic URL filtering and New DOM inspector.


Finally, we conclude with the differences provided for both the Top AdBlockers of 2019 but we are not supporting any of them and we don’t judge which is the Best AdBlocker.

Since both are free AdBlockers, you can give a try for each one and choose the one which is best for you and avoid the complicated one. If you like this article, then do share with your friends and family. If you have any queries and suggestions, please let us know and feel free to comment us below.

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