Download TweakBox APP For iOS Devices

Tweakbox is a smartphone app installer which lets you download all the paid apps without spending even a single dime. By installing TweakBox, users can access apps which were not available within the device App Store.

Moreover, the apps Tweakbox provides to its users are original apps which have been tweaked or updated for user preference. As Tweakbox holds all these applications within the software, so installing the apps to your device is a breeze.

Download TweakBox APP For iOS Devices
Download TweakBox APP For iOS Devices

Salient Features of TweakBox APP for iOS Devices

  1. User-Friendly Interface

TweakBox comes with one of the best User Interface that one must appreciate. The user interface of the TweakBox App is sleek and cool, even those who have very less knowledge about the internet can easily navigate each section of the app effortlessly.

  1. Thousands of Application

TweakBox has one of the most extensive databases of third-party apps and games. It has more than 2000+ third-party application with a humongous database. You can toggle among all the apps and games, and you can download the apps on your device as well.

  1. Download Tweaked Apps

You can download a lot of tweaked apps such as WhatsApp++, SnapChat++, Pandora++, Instagram++ on your device. Even you don’t need any Jailbroken iOS device to run TweakBox App.

How to Install Tweakbox on iOS Devices?

Step 1: Download Tweakbox App

First, open your iOS device and go to Click on the Download App when prompted, select ‘Allow’.

Step 2: Trust Tweakbox App

Navigate to the Settings >> Device Management >> Trust the Profile certificate of TweakBox App.

Now, if you want to run TweakBox, then you must trust the TweakBox App on your iOS devices.

Step 3: Install Tweakbox App

Open the Setting Options to allow Installation and then click Install. If required, enter your Passcode to Continue.

Step 4: Open Tweakbox App

When you’re prompted, click on the install options again. Once you’ve successfully done with all the installation process, Open the app from the App Drawer.

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How to Use TweakBox on iOS devices?

As stated above, many of the apps provided in the TweakBox are not available within the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It includes four different categories such as AppStore Apps, TweakBox Apps, Tweaked Apps, as well as Hacked Games.

Step 1. Open Settings and click on the General options.

Step 2. Now, choose the Profiles & Device Management under the Setting Options.

Step 3. Tap on the Text Located underneath Enterprise App and after that Tap on ‘Click Trust’.

Step 4. Once the Settings have changed successfully, you’ll be able to use all the installed Apps freely without any hassle. You can now use the TweakBox App on your iOS devices without spending even a single dime.

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