Top 10 Expensive Apps for Android on Google Play Store 2017

There are many paid apps in Google Play Store where you can get paid apps for free but these are the Most Expensive Android Apps that can not be downloaded for free. Generally, the most expensive Android apps on Google Play Store should provide the best features for the users and provide the distinct autonomous importance for them apart from other users. You will be thinking that what is special in the Most Expensive Apps apart from other Android Apps which makes them different.

Here I will show you the Most Expensive Apps for Android Google Play Store in 2017 along with the details of App Developer and the reason for App Maker or App Creator making the apps special and also check Must have android apps for free.

1. Abu Moo Collection (6 Apps each $400) – $2400


Abu Moo Collection is one of the most famous and Expensive App in Google Play Store. It was developed by Abu Moo and he explained about the app that “It is the most Expensive Apps on the market that does absolutely nothing”. The Collection has 6 different Gems like Black Diamond, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Aquamarine, Sapphire apps which will only display the Gem Color on your Home Screen of Phone. It only represents the people who are buying this app are Rich and will be Rich forever. It costs Rs.26,000 in Indian Currency.

2. I Am Rich – $400





The Most Expensive App or I am Rich App is also similar to the Abu Moo Collection of Gems which does nothing but it is also a representation of Diamond or Displays the I am Rich Text. It is a symbol or belief of the people that who can buy this app from Google Play Store are Rich and will be successful in their career. You can find many apps that are similar to this app which may be voice-guided can also be download free. This app costs Rs. 26,000 in Indian Currency.

3. Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgical Operations – $300





Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgical Operations Tenth Edition is also an Ebook in Google Play Store which can be read in Google Play Books. This book is highly recommended for surgical medicine students and also for Doctors who can refer this book for the procedure and also the latest techniques of solving the surgery cases. This was published by McGraw Hill Professional and costs nearly Rs. 19,300.

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4. The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine – $260





The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine is also called as Harrison’s Principles and Practice of Internal Medicine which is the 19th Edition, especially for the medical students. In this new Edition, they have included new chapters, more important topics and all new latest way of treatment processes. It was published by McGraw Hill Professional and it is rated with 4 stars in Google Play Store. It costs nearly Rs.16,856 in Indian Currency.

5. Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus – $200


Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus is an Android Application which is the most popular unofficial Vuvuzela FIFA 2010 World Cup Horn that sounds like Vuvuzela. When you shake your phone the horn begins and when you shake it again it stops. Apart from this, there is no use of this app but due to the high crazy people on FIFA World Cup most of the people use this app to support their team and it cost nearly Rs.10,000.

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6. Super Color Runner – $200





Super Color Runner is a most expensive mobile game which is a unique take on the popular line runner style of game. Rather than running down a single endless path in this game, you have to fill up four paths with energy. Along the way, you’ll have to collect pellets and change through batteries to stay alive. This looks like a normal video game but it costs nearly Rs.10,000 in Google Play Store.

7. CoPilot Truck Europe Region – $90





CoPilot Truck Europe Region is an Android Application which is both Online and Offline Navigation App that is highly recommended for Truck Drivers for Delivering the Goods. This app is best in Route Planning, Guide you with clear voice guided truck directions. Its main features are Truck safety, Reliable Offline Maps, Powerful Route Planning, Optimise Multi-Stop Trips, Routing for your Dimensions & Load, Stay Safe with Truck Warnings, Know your Turn Ahead of Time, Avoid Delays & Arrive on Time while Delivery and also has many Search Useful Truck Services. This costs nearly Rs.5,800 in Google Play Store.

8. Destinator 9 – Western Europe – $85





Destinator 9 – Western Europe is an Android Application that offers the industry’s best turn-by-turn navigation solution. With a simple, yet compelling user interface, rich map content in 2D & 3D views, innovative features like StickyPOI, TapNGo, Online Search powered by Google, Integrated weather, Destinator 9 Provides safe, reliable and robust voice-guided navigation. It costs nearly Rs. 5,491 in Google Play Store.

9. Real Caddy Golf – $85





Real Caddy Golf is an Android Application which is a full-featured GPS Golf Range Finder with graphical view. You can Download Golf Courses in this app with your choice at any time. Its features are Auto-Searching, Download Course, Advance Functions like My Club Distance, View Average Distance, View Record, GPS Information. Other options are Target Point, Select Club, Scorecard, Mark Position, Check PIN Distance, Set/Reset Pin and Select Result Mode. This app costs nearly Rs.5,507 in Google Play Store.

10. Dr. Web Security Space Life – $65





Dr. Web Security Space Life is a Security Application for Android Devices which also provide protection for Android TV. This app provides Protection against all types of malware for Android Devices, Protects systems from Trojans and other malware using Anti-virus, Helps avoid unwanted calls, SMS and messages using Anti-spam, will help you find your mobile device if it has been lost or stolen using Anti-Theft, Will protect applications from unauthorised access and anti-virus settings from tampering by outsiders, Restricts access to undesirable Internet Sites. It costs nearly Rs. 4,050 in Google Play Store.

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