The Best smart Sprinkler Controllers 2019

Smart controllers are devices with built-in sensors under specific measurements and instrumentation with international accepted measures which controls drones in the military, farming, forestry, wildlife, and many more areas. It is merely a screen, It is housed with sensors and remote control to drive a drone.

Smart sprinkler controllers simply stated are devices with built-in water saving features with the inclusion of a sensor to adjust to the optimal run time. Adjustment is according to different weather conditions. Smart sprinkler controllers aid in providing a beautiful and healthy landscape while ensuring efficient water use.

Sensors in smart sprinkler controllers prioritize areas in you plantations that need water first. It calculates the amount of water required based on various weather conditions, soil type or slope. A comparison made shows the following best smart sprinkler controllers their pros and cons in 2019.

1: Skydrop Halo Smart Sprinkler System

The System of the sprinkler is google home enabled, and wifi enabled. It is efficient in ensuring that water does not get into waste in by getting into contact with the weather station within the locality. It is, therefore, able to account for the amount of humidity, rainfall, wind among other weather conditions to facilitate for all the attributes as required by your farm.

You can water your items from your comfort as its System connects easily with a variety of gadgets including Alexa, google home, nest among others. The connection ensures that your flowers or grass gets watered without you necessarily being there.

It regulates all your plants’ conditions requirements for productive growth. You achieve this from your phone, and it can handle eight different zones. It satisfies the EPA’s WaterSense program which ensures the use of less water with excellent results. They also work with you towards ensuring that you the best services.


  • It is time-saving as signals take seconds to relay for the quick action and money saving as it is capital intensive well as conserves water to a high level as it calculates the correct amount of water and when to release the water.
  • It controls eight different levels all at once
  • Easily connects to wireless connections for efficient control.
  • Satisfies the EPA’s WaterSense program requirements
  • Easy to install and operate as only a few connections you need for a smooth running of the machines
  • Accurate and precise as it removes all the guesswork out of watering due to accurate and timely signals relay and quick action and reaction.


  • It does not operate well without a good connection to the various gadgets for proper control.
  • Requires uninterrupted energy supply

2: Orbit 57946 B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Controller 

The smart controller functions with Android, iOS and gives you control wherever you need it. It uses a sprinkler controller an id compatible with ALEXA. B. It has a sensor that sends a signal based on varying weather conditions slopes and soil types. when using wifi programs your timer on the app for smart watering based on the signal sequence. It adjusts to the signal sequence to deliver the correct amount of water accordingly.

The efficient and smooth running of the sprinkler, it is advisable that you utilize the swing panel as it facilitates easy access to the angled wiring terminals for hardwired applications.


  • They are easy to install and use as it has easy access to wiring terminals which make wiring and plugging in easy.
  • They are water efficient and money saving. EPA WaterSense ensures maximum water saving.
  • It is durable as they come with an Orbit B-hyve Wi-Fi sprinkler timer housed in a weather-resistant case and can be comfortably used indoors or outdoors without fear of damage.
  • Ensures smart watering in sequence starting with the most appropriate areas in need of water and senses the amount of water an area needs.
  • It is water saving


  • Uses only 110V Compatible only with North American electrical outlets however international outlets are now available outside North America.
  • It is challenging in areas without a continuous supply of energy.

3: Rain Machine Mini-8 Smart Sprinkler

The Sprinkler is for irrigation purposes. It feeds your screen with data a couple of times a day. It is cloud independent and wifi controller. They are easy to install and supports live phone support seven days a week. It is reliable as it sends data to your screen several times a day to give the correct amount of water in your plantations.

The Sprinkler is useful when you need to conserve scarce water resource as its water saving is above eighty percent. It welcomes you to where the world is on irrigation tech and where the world is heading to concerning the irrigation. Being cloud independent, it is suitable for outdoors and indoors as is weather resistant.


  • Easy to install as no need for expensive installers for the job. Step by step DIY instructions is easy to follow while installing.
  • More accurate and reliable as it sends data several times in a day to ensure the right amount of water for your plants. It also senses on which areas to prioritize.
  • A sprinkler is WaterSense Certified for performance and efficiency. No wastage as it means less water for a large irrigation area.
  • Water saving and conserving as it has over 80 percent saving level. It cuts off your water bill and keeps you in business.
  • It is precise and accurate which is achieved by a successive update of data for action many times within a day.


  • It can be challenging to use in areas without wifi connections.
  • Screens require a constant supply of energy without interruptions; therefore, it may be challenging in areas without continuous energy supply.

In conclusion, the review has highlights smart sprinkler controllers in 2019, an expert review of what they are and how they work. Advantages and disadvantages of the intelligent sprinkler controller enable a buyer to make a wise decision on which item to go for according to the tests done on them without struggle. Indeed smart sprinkler controllers represent our future in irrigation techs and where the world is concerning irrigation technology.

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