Download iOS Emulator For Android (Play iOS Games on Android)

iOS Emulator For Android: Android is the Best OS on Smartphones to customize in any possible way to have a different look on your phone. Generally, Customization on Android is done to adapt different Launchers, Icon Packs, Android versions, Wallpapers, Themes, Apps and Games, etc on your Android Smartphone.

Now, I will show you How to get iOS apps on Android. which will help you to use iPhone Apps and Games on Android. In this article, We have collected 5 best iOS emulator for android and working on all Android smartphones.

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You couldn’t install ios on android but you can run ios apps on android. This Android Emulator for iPhone also called Emu Apps which are generally used by maximum people and highly recommended for utilizing the Android Smartphone for other Apps and Games like Diablo.

What is an iOS Emulator for Android?

iOS Emulator for Android is one of the Best Application to Run iOS Apps on Android device. This Android iOS Emulator allows the user to Use iOS Applications on Android which are only available for iOS Devices. You can also Download iOS Apps which are available on Apple App Store. You can not directly Download iPhone Apps from iTunes, but very few applications support this iOS Emulator and allow the user to Download iOS Applications.

These are the Best iOS Emulators for Android which can be downloaded for free and Install on Android devices. Most of the applications don’t require any Root Access for Android but very few iOS Emulators asks to Root Android Device. In this article, we are providing you with the Top 5 Best iOS Emulators for Android which allows you to Run any iPhone Apps on your Android device.

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A lot of people not effort to buy iPhone for those here I will show you three Best iPhone Emulator. which gives you the exact answer to How to play iOS games on Android Smartphone.

iOS Emulator for Android
iOS Emulator for Android

Reasons for Why You Should Run iOS Apps on Android

There are so many reasons to Run iPhone Apps on Android which varies for every individual. Here I can mention you the Top 5 Reasons to Run iOS Apps on Android using iOS Emulators.

  1. Some of the Apps and Games are available only for iOS devices that are not available for Android devices. For that purpose, you can Download iOS Emulator for Android to Run iOS Apps on Android.
  2. Like me, many people will be iPhone lovers but unable to spend a huge amount of money and get a New iPhone. So, it is the best way to Use iPhone apps on your Android device.
  3. Earlier, the games launched for iOS took a while to get it for Android devices. Many Android users couldn’t download the games on their phones. This is one of the reasons to Download iOS Games on Android phone.
  4. iPhone Themes, iPhone Wallpapers, and iPhone Apps are the most used applications on Android devices by using these iOS Emulators.
  5. Finally, there is a difference between using iPhone Apps and Android Apps which can have high quality, special features, and Best User Interface.

5 Best iOS Emulator For Android to Run iOS Apps on Android

Note: Before you install iOS Emulator for Android, You must enable “Unknown Sources” by going to Settings –> Security –> Unknown Sources.

Enable Unknown Sources

1. Cider Apk

Cider APK





Cider Apk is one of the Best iOS Emulator for Android in which you can run iOS Apps and Games on your Android Smartphone. It will run all of your favorite iPhone apps on your Android device without any hassle.

This Android iOS Emulator will be easy to install with Cider Apk Download and access iPhone Apps on Android. To get this iPhone Emulator for Android on your smartphone you need to Enable Unknown sources on Android Smartphone and Download Cider Apk (Cycada APK) file and install.

Download: Cider APK

2. Appetize IO

Appetize IO (iOS Emulator for Android)





Appetize IO is the Amazing iOS Emulator for Android which is a simulator and emulator for Android. With this iOS Emulator Apk you can use Apple Apps on Android and Run iOS Apps on Android. Download Appetize IO APK and install it to get Facetime on Android and other iOS Apps and Games on Android.

This iOS EMulator Apk will support Run iOS Apps on Android for a specific time. This is also called as iPad Emulator.

Link: Appetize IO







This is another Best Apple Emulator for Android similar to Cider APK and Appetize IO which is free to use. To get this iPhone Emulator, you need to Download iEMU APK and install it by enabling Unknown sources on Android. Using this Android Emulator for iOS, You can run Apple Apps and some Apple iPhone Notifications on Android.

Download: iEMU APK

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4. iOSEmus

iOSEmus is one of the Android Emulator for iOS which has the Best User Interface that can easily understandable for all users and keeps Android apps only. In this, each and every application is well designed and categorized based on the order of alphabetic or ratings. As I said before, this iOS Emulator also has special apps to Download iPhone Themes on Android for free. When you start using the iOSEmus App on an Android device, you will feel very easy to use.

It allows the user to set any iOS Themes and Run iOS Apps on Android without any mistakes. The special feature in this Emulator is that you can Download Paid Apps and Games for free which is similar to LUCKY PATCHER. This iOS Emulator is not available on any popular stores like Google Play store and iTunes. So, you need to Download iOSEmus on Android using the link provided or you can also get it on the Internet.

5. All in One iOS Emulator

Last but not least, we have come to All in One iOS Emulator which is another iOS Emulator for Android. It is developed to support all type of iOS Apps and Games on Android devices.

First, you need to Download and Install All in one iOS Emulator and open the app. You can find a Huge Collection of iOS Apps and Games which can be downloaded directly by just clicking on the Download button.

Even this emulator also has the Best User Interface where all the applications in it are categorized very perfectly. Customizing is very easy by using this emulator app which has various iPhone Themes that are absolutely free to download. You can also Download Paid iOS Apps and Games using this iOS Emulator for free.

Best iOS emulators for Android - Infographics
Best iOS emulators for Android – Infographics


Q: Can I run iOS apps on Android?

A: Yes, You can run iOS apps on android using iOS emulators.

Q: Is there any iOS emulator for PC?

A: Yes, iOS emulators available for PC to run iOS apps on your computer.

Q: What is the best iOS emulator for PC?

A: You can run iOS apps on PC.

Q: Can I run iOS apps on Windows 10?

A: Yes, You can run iOS apps on Windows 7/8/10.


I hope this post gives you the correct solution for How to get iOS apps on Android. Share with your friends and relatives “how to install iPhone apps on Android” and If you find any issue in installing an iOS emulator for android feel free to comment down below.

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