Top 5 Modded Whatsapp Versions

We all are familiar to the WhatsApp. It provides a very amazing platform for instant messaging. Nowadays, the text messages have been out of trend, and WhatsApp has replaced it very amazing. And not only text messages, but you can also transfer media files through the WhatsApp and that too for free, you can also do voice call as well as video call through the WhatsApp application.

The most amazing substitute of the WhatsApp is the GbWhatsapp. But apart from that, we will discuss 4 more different types of Whatsapp modded version of the original application named Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is an outstanding mod form of WA created by Rafalete. One of the solid features which make it the best option in contrast to WA is ‘No-Ban Feature.’ The name as it recommends has some Plus features alongside conventional WA. Fundamentally, the engineer had rolled out a few improvements in the UI and included some additional functionalities. Be that as it may, regardless it utilizes a similar permit and convention held by WA.


GBWhatsApp is like WhatsApp Plus and has numerous great features. Some including you can shroud your online status, send bigger video documents and offer more than 90 pictures in a solitary go. It is the best forked WA application if you wish to utilize two WA accounts in a single gadget. GBWhatsApp is made by Team GB and backings all Android gadgets offering extensive customization alternatives to make the most utilization of the application.


mainstream mod for WA and furthermore known as YOWA. This WhatsApp mod has executioner features which were created by Yousef-Al-Basha. The App has a UI like iOS WhatsApp App, and in this manner, you can experience iPhone like WhatsApp topic and interface on your Android. You can bolt WA with no outsider App Locker. It likewise features all other essential features including themes and low odds of getting Ban.

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With FMWhatsApp you can utilize a few numbers at any given moment. Even though it offers deep customization in themes however gives different alternatives to a visit. With FMWA you can send a record in with more than 1GB of size and offers more than 30 kinds of ticks and air pocket style. FMWhatsApp additionally has a pink subject App called Hello Kitten especially for ladies with all female-situated features.

Whatsapp Prime

WhatsApp Prime is an outsider mod application the developers claims WA Prime to be a superior form of the original application. WA Prime has plenty of features alongside themes and customization alternatives. To connect more clients the developers just made a makeover of the original applications and named it Prime.


Thank you for reading the article and let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorite features. The article has been created after looking into different aspects of the opinions and materials available online.

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