Microsoft 70-764 Exam: What You Need to Know


Microsoft 70-764 exam is an essential part of MCSA certification alongside with 70-765 exam. 70-764 exam is aimed at testing one’s knowledge about a SQL database infrastructure. SQL is a structured language that is used to input data and query data stored in a database. It is basically the bigger brother of Microsoft Access.

The limitation of Microsoft Access was that it could not hold a lot of data. This is solved by SQL where the amount of data stored is only limited by the amount of storage capacity available. The other problem when using databases such as Access was that it presented a huge task in integrating them with external programs. SQL solves this by the ability to integrate them within an external program which only requires to include the SQL statements in the program’s code and it works like a charm.

Another challenge that was faced in the era of Access was interoperability. Other operating systems came with their version of access, for example, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS uses LibreOffice Base. This means that interoperability was a big challenge, so the need to develop SQL raised.

SQL can easily be integrated into other programs which can be used in other operating systems. Also, the transfer of data from one computer to another in SQL is very simple. To do this one has to only transfer the file with the extension .sql and the data would be moved from one computer to another. Microsoft MCSA 70-764 exam dumps is a chance for professionals to pass the exam easily and test their grip on the SQL language and improve where necessary. It is also a perfect way to earn an MCSA certification.

The exam is only available in the English language. This is mainly due to the fact that the SQL statements are predominantly written in English, so it would be a challenge to teach it in another language.

The main audience of Microsoft 70-764 exam is Information Technology experts, especially those intending to pursue a career in Database Administration. According to the Microsoft website, 70-764 exam costs 165 USD. Many IT specialists say, that Microsoft MCSA 70-764 exam dumps. Despite this, one cannot just run through Microsoft 70-764 exam and expect to pass. The candidates have to take a few steps to ensure they pass.

The first thing required is a dedication. Yes, SQL might be easy at first sight. Upon further investigation one normally finds that it is a very wide language. The language is wide because for each specific action taken in data there is a specific statement in it. Therefore, SQL requires time to master them all. A candidate must dedicate some time to study SQL statements and understand them.

Financial ability. Microsoft has made the price very affordable to almost everyone. Regardless of this, each individual must first pay the amount in full to be able to access the exam. Another side of this is that SQL software is free thus no added cost in that sense.

The exam is provided online from the official Microsoft website thus a person needs to have the ability to be online during the time of the exam. Not only the internet is required to do the exam but also to research various SQL problems. The internet nowadays provides rich access to information that cannot be rivaled by any other medium in the world today. Therefore, you need to be able to meet all the costs incurred during this process.

Practice is also a very crucial part of getting to pass Microsoft 70-764 exam. As they say, practice makes perfect. In the world of Information Technology, one cannot claim to fully understand something unless he or she practices it. Like programming, the learning of the SQL language cannot be mastered just by staring in a book. One needs to repeatedly learn and put into practice the information from the books. Practice will help one stay up to date with the latest changes in the language and also with the latest security measures.

Hard work is also required. Most people look at Information Technology as a lazy line of work. They could not be more wrong. In SQL, for example, one has to be able to set aside the various dialects on the language, for example, IBM and standard dialects. One has to be able to not only distinguish the particular dialect but to understand its syntax. The constant practice and the fact that one has to be up to date with the constantly changing technologies means that Microsoft 70-764 exam is not for lazy people but for those who are ready to work hard.

Flexibility means that one should be ready to switch from one SQL dialect to another very quickly. SQL also is very similar to Oracle and thus one should be able to switch from one to another in the blink of an eye. The fact that the exam is also done online means that one should be able to quickly fix it into one’s schedule without difficulty. Flexibility is also required in terms of understanding the different dialects and also in terms of sourcing learning content online.

Desire and heart seem to be negligible but from the experience, an individual aspiring to truly succeed needs to have a passion in the field. There is a difference in doing something just for the sake and doing it with the urge to fully complete the task. Microsoft 70-764 exam requires desire from the individual not only to complete the exam but to completely understand both the capability of SQL and its syntax.


all the things needed for passing Microsoft 70-764 exam are mentioned above. If one truly abides by them then at the end of it all the success is almost guaranteed. This could also be applied to other exams concerning Information Technology – the new frontiers.

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