How to Make Gaming Projector Screen

If you want to make the projector screen by yourself then for sure, you will be getting excellent picture delivered, and also you can save money which can be further invested it buying the parts of the projector. If you know how to make a gaming projector screen, then you can also customize any size screen which you desire.

Follow these steps and make your screen projectors that are ideal for gaming.

How to Make Gaming Projector Screen

The following are steps which illustrate how to make a projector screen for gaming:-

1. Fix the size

The first step in creating the projector screen is that you should know the size of the screen which you will be making, for this you have to consider some points such as the size of the picture you desire, the location of your projector, zoom range, the configuration of your room. You also have to consider the place from where you will see the projector; this will depict the viewing angle and the visibility of the pixel. Even you have to focus on the aspect ratio of the projector screen.

The appropriate measurement can be 95-100’ wide; this will give you the 16:9 large measured screen. The trimming all around the frame would measure 5’ width.

2. Choose the materials

  • The less weighted steel gauge stud. It is costlier than the lumber but it’s straight and can be modified by the snips easily.
  • Five studs which measure eight-foot with 2.5’ as its width. Four studs will be used to build the border of the frame and remaining one will be used in spanning the center.

3.8’ full length which provided 96’ width of the viewable screen and then removed two studs measuring 54’ each for the perfect height of the screen.

3. Fixing wood and metal

The furring strip is measuring 1’x2″ was attached to one of the sides of the stud by using 1” screws of drywall. Immediately add the strips of the wood to fix the screen properly or else the metal sheets which are attached may slip which will disbalance the screen structure. Be alert that the there have been additional 3/4″ (x2) which is added to the stud width. You can use this extra width for trimming of the screen later. If you prefer not to trim, then you have to cut down the studs so that you get the screen which is of appropriate width and height.

4. Properly cornering the frame

I cut off the bottom part of 8’foot studs so that the other studs could be nicely accommodated in the corner. The metal screen was incorporated in assisting to join the edge and grip the furring strip. With the help of the square drywall, the corners were configured correctly in the square shape. You have to follow this for the rest three curves.

5. Add on Brace

It is straightforward to put more studs and keep the frame strongly fit. But I opted to rely on only one stud which can compass the center. This fixture will be providing a strong backing to the board from the middle portion.  You have to follow the same procedure for the side studs as you did for the corners, this way everything will be appropriately fixed with screws.

6. Make the backboard

If you want you can skip it but its better if you make it as it will provide additional support to the projector screen. So let’s know how to build it in short. Its thickness can be medium so that you can use the hardboard with 1/8”.Use 27” wide sheets to make the backboard as your projector screen will be 54”. Now just fix the two with the help of the drywall screws to attach the frame and one center stud to provide support for the center.

7. Fix the Sheet

Before fixing the sheet, you have to paint it with several coats through which its surface will become smoother. Just buy a simple and decent looking sheet rather than any printed or embroidered sheet. It’s best if you buy the neutral colored sheet with thread counting of 850.Now you have to wash this sheet and iron it to remove any crumbling of the thread.

Now we will discuss how to fix the sheet:-

Firstly you have to staple the center of each side of the sheet. Now you have to staple the sheet with the wooden strips from the back side. Once you complete stapling all the corners, then you should concentrate on each one now. Just see that the sheet is tightly fastened from all the corners to the wooden frame properly and perfectly.

8. Paint the Screen

For best and even painting use the ¼” nap paint roller. You have to apply some coats to make it look evenly coated. Even if you do the painting correctly, you will notice the texture of the sheet to be rough, to curb this you can use the P220 sandpaper, and you will be amazed at the results.

9. Hang It

While hanging the screen keep in mind that the steel studs should outface the wall.

10. Trim it

To make your screen look perfect its better that you attach a decent frame to the screen. This frame should be black in color, non-reflective and 2-3” inches wide. If you use the dark colored frame, then the picture delivered from the screen will be brighter. You can choose any frame which matches the décor of your room so that it looks very trendy. It is best if you use the Velcro mounting as the frame as you can quickly add trims to the frame even if your screen is hung against the wall. Another benefit of this material is that you can remove the frame without putting your screen down.

Your screen is ready for certain other parts as well. You will be incurring around 1004 to make the screen with its essential belongings. You can make the screen in a day if you are working the whole day. You can also complete it in your happy time.


We hope this article How to Make Gaming Projector Screen was helpful and now you can make the screen at home and you don’t have to invest money in it anymore. Share with your friends and relatives on social media.

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