How to Create a Successful Local SEO Strategy

Increase your chances of success in your local SEO strategy with these simple hacks.

The regular rolling out of search engine algorithms seems to be a thorn in most of the local businesses and so it’s crucial to ensure you fully understand all the components that are associated with local SEO. Remember, an excellently implemented local SEO strategy can attract your targeted traffic to your website and business.

Since buyers of today are using their smartphones to search for products online, it is essential to take advantage of local SEO. When done rightly, local SEO can make it possible for customers searching for products or services through mobile devices to find your business easily.

But what local SEO?

Local SEO is the opposite of international SEO in that you optimize your website so that when people near you search for businesses related to yours, you appear at the top of the search results.

But how do you create a successful local SEO strategy? Follow the tips below to optimize your website locally.

  1. Conduct Appropriate Keyword Research

When it comes to keyword research, most internet marketers think that targeting keywords with high search volumes results in high ROI but this might not be the truth in most cases. The best thing is to research keywords that will convert a reader/website visitor into a real customer.

  1. On-Page Optimization

After researching the keywords, ensure to integrate them appropriately throughout your content.

Here, you need to integrate the keywords in your title tags, meta description, and throughout your posts. However, when conducting on-page optimization you should not make a mistake of stuffing the website with keywords but write content for your target customers.

Unlike in the past when marketers would pump in as many keywords as possible, that doesn’t work today. For that reason, you need to write content for your readers and optimize for search engines.

  1. Get Customer Reviews

When it comes to boosting your local SEO strategy, positive customer reviews are crucial.  As a local business owner, you need to ask your customer to write positive reviews of your products or services.

You can do this by sending emails to your customers asking them to leave feedback about your business.

  1. Get Listed on Local Directories

When it comes to business directory listings, you need to be careful not to get lured by some of the directory-listing services that claim to list tons of websites but aim to get listed on the more popular directory sites like Local and Yellow Pages. Getting trusted directory listing services is difficult since most of them are typically-low quality spammy sites that do not add anything to your local SEO.

You also need to ensure consistency in the way you list your business name, address, and contact information.

  1. Get High-Quality Backlinks

Well, although you need to build backlinks when it comes to creating a successful local SEO strategy, you need to ensure you do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Aim to get quality backlinks and not just purchased links which do not benefit your local SEO. To make people want to link to your content, you need to create engaging posts and infographics in your local SEO strategy.

Remember, getting high-quality backlinks is not an easy task when it comes to local SEO, but if you can prove to provide quality content, you are likely to get those links fast.

  1. Take Advantage of Social Media

Although social media does not contribute to your Google rankings, it plays a huge role when it comes to exposing your business and interacting with your target audience. When readers like, share or comment on your posts, it shows they are happy with the information and that sends a powerful signal to search engines as well, which boosts your credibility on your third-party website. But remember, you cannot be on every social media so ensure to create an online presence on platforms where your customers spend most of their time.

Final Words -Create and Publish Local Content

Today, getting a business that does not have a competitor is hard, and especially those in similar niches. The number is overwhelming but most of them do not feature local landing page content. Creating local landing page content with optimized keywords such as your services, your niche, location, and phone number could boost your local SEO strategy.

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