Growing of Mobile Gambling in the UK

Since the recent update in 2005 to Gambling laws in the UK, online and mobile gambling has had a huge increase in usage by people across the country. As our technology continuously advances, it is no doubt that technology itself has become a major part of our everyday lives. Mobile and online gambling sites have increased from 2016 in 10%, while the overall usage in the UK has vastly risen with 45% of British citizens participating in some type of gambling.

growth of uk mobile gambling

The main reasons people gamble on smartphones

An increase of mobile phone users

Online and mobile gambling continues to break through because each day we gain more new mobile users. In fact, since 2017 mobile phones are now exceeding popularity when it comes to playing social casino games, even more than PCs.

Having a mobile phone has become a necessity for us as it offers countless things such as communication, social sites, work purposes, online use and of course many forms of gaming. The increase in app and web activity has continued to elevate for many mobile and online gambling companies, as all of these things are more easily accessible everywhere we go.


Like mentioned in the previous point, we are able to access mobile and online gambling everywhere we go due to being able to have an accessible device with us, whether this is at our homes or even mobile ourselves or if we are on the move or even at work.

The majority of people always have their mobile device on them, an Ipad/tablet or a laptop which gives us more opportunity to use them whenever and wherever we need them, especially when checking up on a bet we’ve placed or to continue playing casino slot machines.

Updated payment methods

Amongst British gamblers, the best thing about online and mobile gambling is that you can now make payments a lot quicker, sufficient and secure, you are able to make deposits and withdrawals online even in your own currency which makes the payments effortless and widely suitable for each individual player.

While online casinos continue to make payment methods up to date and easy, they currently offer many ways such as E-Wallet and credit card payments, you can use make mobile casino deposit by phone bill using Boku, Payforit or Siru Mobile and more. This contributes towards the increase of players because of its simplicity and straightforward use.


Being the 21st Century, many businesses and companies have had to adapt to the modern world which involves offering their services through digital platforms. Digitalization itself has helped the gaming industry develop and blossom into a more favored form of gambling, it enables players to communicate and play together online, it enhances the way that games are played, repeatedly offers players an up to date scheme of gaming and most of all, experience and enjoyment.

While online and mobile banking is more convenient for players, digitalization has helped bring a unique, realistic look and feel of the gaming world.

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A very attractive feature of mobile gambling is that they are either extremely cheap or completely free to use. As humans, a natural feeling we get towards investments is that we want to spend as less as possible and attain the most we can.

Some casino sites/apps offer beneficial giveaways such as 20 free bets if you initially bet £5, this helps motivate players into making the right decision with suitable expenses for them, following brilliant assets to their gaming experience. The less that is initially spent, the more funds can be invested towards a slot game or bet.

What is the future of Mobile Gambling?

As everything is constantly being studied, upgraded and more advanced, this will carry on strengthening the existence of digital gaming, this including mobile casino gambling. With our modern age digital platforms increase in fundamental importance, naturally, we can only expect to have a rising number in worldwide usage of technology and from this more mobile and online users.

  • The Share of Mobile Gamblers Will Grow Each Year

The next technology forecast is the announcement of 5G network, which will offer super speed and a broader versatility. It has been disclosed that this network will have speeds up to 800 Gbps (Gigabit per second) which would completely devoid any buffering or page loading.

This network won’t be available to the general public until the year 2020, but it is safe to say that when it takes place, there is no doubt it will rapidly increase the use of mobile usage, which will then instantly boost online activity, resulting in more mobile and online gambling and extra online players.

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  • More Advertisement and Casino Promotions in Social Media

Having mobile devices has also accelerated the use of social media platforms globally, it has and still is consistently growing in the number of users worldwide, this is for social media’s like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and many more. This helps mobile gambling sites present their brand to millions of future players, this could be with adverts and promotional offers to actually holding accounts in order to connect more with their gamers. These methods will continue to develop and be applied to social media’s so they can be out in the open to countless people, advertising is becoming globally enforced.

  • New Technologies: VR & AR

Wondering more into the futuristic side of things, at the moment we have innovative technologies still being established such as the VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality), Which we have had some VR technologies introduced like the VR headset. The idea that you will be able to gamble within Virtual Reality would be incredible, the detailed graphics experience would definitely be desired. It may exceed the love of going into casinos as you can virtually experience it at home. AR technology is still in the works to bring more emotion, player to player interaction and virtual assistance.

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