what is Google Indexing and Crawling & How to Instantly Index Your URL?

When starting a blog, it is important to get indexed by Google. The whole process of Google crawling and indexing is explained below. Without understanding how the system works, it is not easy to grasp how to get through it. For every website that wants to be visible on search engines, this is utterly important. As SEO beginners, a lot of website owners don’t even know when their websites get indexed. But they do and they must happen. Here is how the process works. Click on the below link to instantly index your site in google.  https://www.prepostseo.com/google-index-tool

What is Google crawling and indexing?

The role of search engines is to browse the web and see what websites meet the keyword requirements. This is why more and more SEO factors are introduced so that the search can be as precise as possible. However, it is not just a web search. Google and other search engines maintain huge databases. In the little time that search engines take to show you results, they use their databases to see what results to show. Before these results are shown, a website must be in the database. For this, Google has an internet bot called Google crawler. The job of Google crawler is to check all the websites on the web.

If it has been a long time since your website was not indexed, you can resort to filing a request at Google to crawl your website. This can be done by using Google’s search engine console. Just enter your website’s URL and let the console pass the request. It goes through various websites and their web pages to see what pages should go in Google’s database. Then the database receives this information and adds to its information. This is called Google indexing.

Why is Google crawling and indexing important?

All the websites that generate revenue through advertising to the traffic coming to their website need to be visible on search engines. And the only way to be visible on search engines like Google is through the process of crawling and indexing. Without indexing, there is no way you will be seen in search engine results. And that is how you bring traffic to your website.

Google Index

How to check if your website was indexed?

There are no secrets to getting indexed as such. It all comes down to creating a website and waiting. What this means is that Google’s internet bot is active at all times. It is always trying to find and browse new websites. The process takes as few as 6 hours. However, it also takes as many as 6 weeks. There is no time limit or notification for Google indexing. However, you can check manually if your website was indexed. You can use ‘site: enteryourURLhere.com’ to make a Google search. All the pages that are visible on Google for your website to visitors will be shown in the results.

What are some of the steps to take if you want to get indexed by Google?

In order to get indexed by Google, there is not much you can do. However, there are a few steps that can help you assist in the process. This process is automatic and has to cover a large portion of the web. Imagine, all the websites on the internet! That has to be something. All websites have sitemaps. If you created your website on software like WordPress, you may not be aware of them yet. Sitemaps, as the name indicates, are blueprints of your website. Adding that to your websites helps Google crawler make the process of navigation through your website easier. You can start by creating an XML sitemap for your website.

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