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MSI Gaming App is a software that will help MSI graphics card uses extra performance out of their GPU and CPU with just few mouse clicks. It also has different modes and some other cool features, and it is very easy to use.

Moreover, if you have high graphics card and CPU designed with gaming in mind. You need specialized software to use efficiently of their full capabilities.

MSI Gaming App Modes

Download MSI Gaming App

  • Gaming Mode – which overclocks the GPU a bit and adjusts the fan speed
  • OC Mode – which actually reduces core clocks and fan speed
  • Silent Mode – It is set as Default Mode which sets it back to factory settings

MSI Gaming app is licensed and free to download on windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. This application runs in Silent mode by default so will not affect the gaming experience. It is must for every gamer.

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MSI graphics card is in Silent Mode by default, but this application allows you to put it in OC Mode, Gaming Mode with a single mouse click, these modes giving you an extra bit of performance without any interrupts. You can also squeeze your CPU, as long as you are using an MSI Gaming series motherboard.

Typically, every graphics card will be powerful in OC Mode, as the fans need to spin faster in order to keep the temperature low. However, a Silent Mode is also available for less-demanding operations and you can also quickly cool your GPU by enabling the Cooler Boost function on MSI Gaming App settings.

Control Your Graphics Card’s LED Lighting Effects

Using MSI Gaming App you can fine-tune your monitor’s color adjustment and contrast for gaming, videos, and reduced eye stress. Additionally, you can create a custom profile that best suits your needs.

Users of later generation MSI graphics cards can use this application to control the MSI Dragon LED lights. It is probably to customize the lighting effects, color, and styles of various LED.

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MSI Gaming App is a great software for owners of MSI graphics cards and motherboards. It enables you to get more performance out of your devices with very little effort, and it offers a number of other useful features as well. This app gives you the efficient performance out of your CPU and GPU.

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