Best 5 New Android O Features


Android O Developer Preview is out now it’s out for a little bit of announced with a logo we don’t have a name for it. I would guess it’s Android Oreo or Android Octopus. Here In This Post, I am Sharing with you some of the Best 5 New Android O Features.

Best 5 New Android O Features

1.New emoji’s:
Google is finally replacing the emoji style from older versions of Android and is now making new rounder face icons for Android O version. There are also new emoji in the form of starstruck, throwing up, fairy, mermaid, giraffe, wizard and even more options. This is one of my favorite feature in Android O.

2.Notification Panel:
There are some new features in Android O notification panel which is not available in the previous Android version. you can snooze notification that means you can set how many minutes or the time it will take to appear again when cleaned from the notification panel. To setup snooze in your notification panel, simply swipe it to the right slowly and you will see two options there which include snooze and the settings of the notification. But note that if you Wipe it out as normal without setting the snooze then you can’t retrieve back the notification.

3.Lock Screen Customization:
The lock screen style looks almost the same as the previous version of Android (Nougat). Though the Android Nougat and Android O lock screen look exactly same the small changes in it are that you can have access to select which app will be shown at the left and right corners of the bottom layer. By default it’s camera is placed at the right corner of the bottom layer and phone call icon is placed at the left corner of the bottom layer but in Android O, you can remove both the phone call and camera icons and replace any other app as you want like youtube, play store, google maps or any other third-party applications.

4.Navigation Bar:
The Navigation Bar is one of the features added to Android O, it looks like Android Nougat but there are some differences. Something like the Left leaning, Right leaning, Compact. These above features help you to choose the location where you want your Navigation Bar to be placed. some other features like adding your favorite apps at the both left and right-hand side of your Navigation Bar.

5.Text Selection Dialog:
When you try to select texts on the Android phone, there are some options displayed to you (Copy, Cut, Select all etc.). This feature is present in all Android phones but there is a difference compared with Android O text selection. In Android O when you highlight or select text like phone number, it will bring out a pop-up indicating dialer icon and when you click on it. it will navigate straight to your dial pad without pasting it there. when you highlight the address of any place there is a pop-up indicating google maps just tap on it. you can find the location of that address.

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