5 Health & Fitness Gadgets That Actually Work

Whether you’re a little health-conscious, a complete fitness fanatic, a gadget nerd or just itching for something new to play with, we`ve compiled a list of the top 5 health and fitness gadgets that will aid you getting back in shape.

Our compilation includes fitness gadgets that will not only motivate you but will also provide accountability and make you feel your best for the year ahead.

1. Gym Watch

Unlike your typical fitness trackers, the Gym Watch does more than counting steps, calories burned or figuring out how much sleep you get. Rather, in addition to the above awesome benefits, the Gym Watch is tailored for those who adore weightlifting.

The Gym Watch will allow you to train smarter, and provide you with the motivation you need to attain your goals faster.

How do you ask?

The Gym Watch comes with plenty of performance-oriented features such as a gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer among others.

Together, these built-in components will accurately track all your movements and the tension in your different muscles. The recorded data is then sent to an accompanying app, where you can view it in real-time and know whether you`re on track.

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2. Sense Sleep Tracker

Aptly named the Sleep Tracker, this gadget is tailored to track your sleep, and it knows when you`re awake.

Besides tracking your sleep, the Sleep Sense Tracker will know whether you slept bad or good, with proximity, temperature, humid, particulate and ambient light sensors, so you`ll learn to sleep well.

Featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ANT-connected sensors, this sleep sensor will allow you to learn more about your sleep quality, including the sleep patterns that you go through naturally, to disruptions in your environment that might be interrupting your shuteye.

Besides sleep, a built-in microphone will detect your snoring, and your better half will love the small speaker that will wake you up gently with gradual sounds once you start snoring.

A major highlight of this gadget is its app, which will learn your sleep cycles cognitively, and will wake you up when you`re in a light level of sleep near to when you wanted to wake up, rather than to wake you up at the specific time.

3. Polar M600

The modern-day wearables can track pretty much everything about your life.

Polar M600, however, takes this tracking to new heights. With this wearable, you can now track your daily workouts, reps, sleep, steps, and calories. Rather than using the bulky chest straps to track your heart rate, the PolarM600 offers a convenient way of tracking your heart rate through a wrist sensor.

Besides tracking, the PolarM600 will motivate you and push you to the limits by providing you with inactivity alerts when you stay for long without exercising or moving.

An essential feature on the PolarM600 is the Smart Coaching feature that is quite handy during the training process.

Another selling point for this gadget is it strikes a balance between a fitness tracker and a smart tracker. This is to mean besides the fitness tracking; this watch has “smart” features that will allow you to perform a variety of your Android tasks on the watch such as reading and replying emails and texts without getting your phone out.

4. Jaybird X4 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

If you`re an avid runner or gym goer, you are probably aware that nothing makes your session more pleasurable than listening to your favorite tracks.

Unfortunately, many of the headphones in the market are flimsy and are plagued by frequent and annoying drop-outs during activity.

The Jaybird X4, however, are good-value headphones with awesome customizable settings that will deliver crisp and amazing sound. The X4 is a solid update to the Jaybird`s popular X3`s and comes with monumental changes that will appeal to any fitness fanatic.

Sporting a refreshingly awesome hue, the X4 comes with an improved IPX7 water/sweat proofing. The IPX7 rating means you can submerge them for 30 minutes in a meter of water without having to worry about the structural integrity of the gadget. Though you don`t necessarily have to do that, but it does mean you can use them in a storm or pool without any worries.

The redesigned tips and “speed cinch” cord management system is yet another remarkable feature, which according to the manufacturer, will provide you with an even more secure fit.

Another major highlight of the headphone is the excellent connectivity and flexibility in connecting them with a host of devices, including laptops, smart watches, Android, Windows or iPhones.

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5. Misfit Shine

Last on our list of the best health and fitness gadgets is a product of Misfit.

Known as the Misfit Shine, this device is an elegant activity and sleep tracker that will inspire you to live a more active life.

Available as a bracelet, a pendant or a pocket-device, the Misfit shine excels at tracking movement, and activities set on your iOS device.

What we like most about this device is that it`s discreet at the very least, and most importantly it doubles up as an accessory fashion that can be worn anywhere and for any occasion without raising a flag.

What`s more? You can strap it on your arm and dive in for laps without worries as it is waterproof.


Tracking has never been easy as it is with these awesome tracking gadgets. Get yourself one of these, and get a trusted companion to accompany and motivate you through your fitness journey.

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