3 Best Helps for Freelancers Who Want to Get A Job Easily

Freelance is the future of the business world. Maybe, you won’t believe it. But, we are moving in that direction.

Now, you also can start to join the wagon. If you are also a freelancer, you can start to build your career path today.

And, the internet will give you a much easier method to do that. Let me talk about the  popular freelance sites and share my experience which I used platforms.

What is Freelance Platform?

Just like its name, this is basically the place where all freelance can find the job. We also can see it as the place to promote you as a freelancer.

If you have skill, knowledge or ability that other companies need, you can use the platform to make it known by the public.

That way the company that needs you can easily find you. And, you will also get a job much easier with the help from this service.

In some part, the freelance platform also is like the agency. They will help you to find the job. And of course, there are small parts of the fee that you need to pay to them for that help. But, it won’t be that matter, because you will find the job much easier with their help.

The Best Freelance Platform

Now, you know what freelance platform really is. The next thing you need to do is finding the best service that can help you to find the job that you need. For that reason, below, we provide the list of the best freelance platform service you can use. Try them out and get benefits from them.

  1.    Upwork.com

This is one of the best companies you can count on. They will help you to connect with the real client. So, you don’t need to worry about the scam and something like that.

This website also provides detail information about their user, so you can easily enter the category that matches with your skill. With 14 million users, we can only see this website as trusted and reliable help.

From the job provider perspective, we can see Upwork as the best place to find the freelancer. You can easily find the person that has a skill that can help you. Your job will be finished much faster and easier.

The only flaw of Upwork is their high processing fee. They even charge 20% of the fee for their clients. So, you need to consider this matter, before you use their service.

  1.    Truelancer.com

You can find many job opportunities here. Although this website offers a wide variety of jobs, this is the best place for you who have skill in design, SEO and writing. You will find the best job with the best commission here.

The other good thing is you can use Truelancer help to find a job in the local area. You will get easy access to your employer, which means you can easily work together with them. It helps you to get your job done with minimum risk of failure.

Truelancer is one of the freelance platforms that charge a high fee for their client. So, you need to get ready to get a big cut for your payment.

  1.    Freelancer.com

The 28 million users of Freelancer.com show that you can trust this website. Moreover, you can find all kinds of a job here, from the SEO to even delivery job.

The other good thing is their easy-to-use platform. You won’t have any problem to master the platform and find the client that you need.

The processing fee isn’t too high. It’s only 10%. Compared to other freelance platforms, we can see it as the cheapest fee you can get. So, do not hesitate to use their service.


You can find more freelance platform on the internet other than those three. But, from our point of view, those three are the best among them. So, try one of those three, or you also can search and find the service that matches with your skill.

The last thing that you must remember, you must do your job carefully. Make sure you give a good result because it will also affect your rank on the freelance platform that you use. Better rank will help you to get easily to notice. That means you also can easily find the job that you need.

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