10 Best Free Apps for Teachers 2017 in App Store iPhone

In this fast moving life apps doing an excellent job in making the things easy for humans in a perfect manner. Since apps work in Smartphone it doesn’t make any mistakes if not we people may do some of them. There are some extremely Best Educational Apps for Teachers on which we are going to discuss in this article. Let’s go through some best mobile learning apps which are useful in school and colleges.

These educational apps will not only help teachers also make students feel better in class. There are some Learning apps for students which are in the form of games which makes students have fun in learning new things. The below Top 10 best free educational apps may help you in one or the other way in learning new things on tip of your fingers.

1. Notability

Notability is the best app for taking the notes in the best possible way. It allows you to take notes in typing text, inserting photos, stickers, figures, signature and share them with friends. Unfortunately, this is not available for Android users but Evernote is best for Android users. This is not a free app on App Store but highly downloaded by many iPhone and MacBook users.

2. Confer

Confer App is an important app that a teacher should definitely have with them for their students. It allows to add student details, divide lessons, create classes on iPad or iPhone, conference with students, recall easy teaching points, reduce paperwork and get knowledge on students behavior. This is a free app on App Store and supports in iPad or iPhone or MacBook.

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3. Duolingo

This app is mainly recommended for new language learners and teacher can assign the lessons for students. Many people use it for fun but it is very much useful to learn the basics in a new language. This app has the attractive gaming tricks to learn the English language very easily. It is a free app on App Store and can be used irrespective of any age difference.

4. Wheel Decide

Wheel Decide is a phenomenon app which creates the best interaction between student and the teacher. This allows the teacher to add students names, create questions, favorites, and levels with different colors. This app mainly used in Quiz or Competitions for asking questions to people randomly. This is a free app on App Store and stores the details entered on the wheel and can be used again in future.

5. StudyBlue

StudyBlue has a web page which holds a lot of notes equal to a library that shares notes, guides, and answers to study materials. This is a free app on App Store which helps both teachers and students to create and share note cards on a specific topic and turn into the quiz. In this, you can have the study materials on a specific topic and can download it or it can be studied even in offline.

6. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a free app on App Store that has a web page linked for teachers and students to get in and access. In this app, teacher rises a question and pull the class to answer by texting their responses which is like a real-time classroom. This can have questions like multiple choice, true or false and short answers.

7. Seesaw

This Seesaw app is a new app which is especially for iPhone users and available on App Store for iOS Devices. This app has an online portfolio for students with options like adding notes, videos, pictures, drawings, recordings, and links. The teacher can assign projects to students in this app, can create a class, add students and can make a conversation with parents using a conference call. The students will log in with email or QR Code.

8. Kahoot!

This Kahoot App is a very interesting app which has learning games and allows you to design your own learning game. It’s a kahoot teacher, By entering into the website you can design a game or can take an existing learning game. In this way, the learning experience will be better for students to remember the basics of the subject. You can use a Game PIN to play the game and form teams in it.

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9. Ready4 SAT

This Ready4 SAT app is a preparation app to prepare for SAT exam which commonly used to get admissions in Colleges in the United States. This app is available in App Store for free and gives the best time preparation for SAT exam. It provides different sectors for test, large practice questions, flashcards, day by day valuation of student and estimated score.

10. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is another app which makes the interaction between teacher and student and also parents. In this, the photos, videos, recordings, text files and links of students can be shared with parents daily. The teacher can assign the specific task to students and teams can be formed. The account for parents in this app is free and can monitor their children from anywhere.

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