10 Best Icon Packs for Windows 10

Windows 10 Icon Packs: Windows 10 is one of the Best Operating system, which I have experienced till now apart from Microsoft’s WindowWindows 10 Operating system has been designed with a unique way of icons by the Microsoft. It has a good user interface and many users love to customize their Windows experience by using the icon packs which are available on the internet.

windows 10 icon packs

There are many Icon Packs for Windows 10 on Google in which some may be harmful to your desktop or Laptop. So, I have gathered some of the Best Icon Packs for Windows 10 for you. which you will love to try on your Windows 10 PC. These Windows 10 Icon Packs will definitely work efficiently on your PC.

Top 10 Best Icon Packs for Windows 10

1. BRUCE Square v1.1

bruce icon pack for windows 10

BRUCE Square v1.1 is one of the Best Icon Pack for Windows 10 which is designed with the angular Metro UI. This application has a good collection of logos which makes your PC look awesome. Download Bruce Square v1.1 Icon Pack and get a unique way of customizing your PC with lots of icons and also keep a cool wallpaper which suits the Windows 10 Icons.

2. WinRemix Icon Pack


WinRemix Icon Pack is the awesome Icon Pack which gives you the best user interface while using icons and creating new folders and icons on your Desktop. You will see that every icon will be represented in folder format and has a specific design to represent the content in it.

3. Numix Circle for Windows

Numix circle for windows 10 icon pack

Numix Circle for Windows will definitely make your PC look awesome similar to the Icon Packs for Android. It maintains the default Windows 10 theme without breaking and allows to have different types of icons in a circular shape. Download Numix Circle for Windows and enjoy the original color palette in icons as same as rest of the operating systems. The circular shape is a nice contrast to the angular form of Metro UI.

4. Arc Icons

Best Icon Pack for Windows 10

Arc Icons is one of the Best Icon Pack for Windows 10 which is popular for Linux Icon Pack. The shade of blue color is more in Windows 10 which has a flat and minimal approach to design. Customizing is very easy using this Icon Pack and in additional to folder icons, you’ll find a Wi-Fi icon, a new Recycle Bin Icon, a translation icon and a wide selection of general multi-purpose icons.

5. Simplus Icon Pack

Simplus Icon Pack is available for Windows 10 icon pack download from Google and enjoy the simple and Best Windows 10 icon pack. Simplus Windows 10 Icons are elegant and very special in their design which comes in a light and dark sets. Using this Simplus Windows 10 Icons you can customize the size and color of the Icon on your desktop.

6. Alienware Eclipse Icon Pack

Alienware eclipse windows 10 icon pack

If you are fed up with normal icons on your desktop or Laptop and looking for awesome and cool Icon Pack for Windows 10. Then, Alienware Eclipse Icon Pack is the Best Icon Pack for Windows 10 which has unique designs of icons which comes with a combination of electric blue and black colors.

7. Folders Flat Colors

folders flat colors icon pack for windows 10

Download Folders Flat Colors Icon Pack which is one of the best icon pack for windows 10 and experience the best ever user interface with the colorful folders on your desktop. Generally, people give names for the folders to notice the content inside the folder but using this Icon pack you can differentiate the content inside the folders using different colors of folders.

8. OS X Minimalism Icon Pack

OS X Minimalism Icon Pack

This OS X Minimalism Icon Pack is one of my favorite Icon Pack for Windows 10 which brings the widely-praised macOS icons into Windows. Apart from normal icons on PC, OS X Minimalism iPack provides the icons for Chrome, Firefox, Command Prompt and also for Windows Media Player. Though the icons are not real as Mac OS but they are similar to that.

9. winOS10 Flat

winos10 flat icon pack

Download winOS10 Flat Icon Pack for Windows 10 which also comes with the extensions like .png, .ico, .dll and .icl in which you don’t need to convert the files from one format to other. The Icons in this winOS10 Flat will replace the default windows icons and works very effectively.

10. Insignia Icon Theme

Insignia Icon Theme is one of the Best Icon Pack for Windows 10 which has the best user interface along with the unique style of icons in it. Insignia Icon Theme is an overall icon pack perfect for customization. It uses Soft edges without changing too much from the logos. The feature icons are typical applications, web apps, and folders.


I hope this article is helpful to you and from this list of 10 Best Windows 10 Icon Packs you can choose the Best windows 10 icon pack. If you want to give any suggestions feel free to comment down below.

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