WhatsApp Spy App to Protect Kids From Cyberbullying

Social media and instant messaging apps have grabbed the attention and dedication of teenagers to a great extent. The studies have found out that teens and tweens of post-millennial generation spend more than nine hours a day using social and instant messengers. The more they remain online, the more they are likely to become a victim of cyberbullying or online harassment.

The online bullying can have a severe impact on their mental, physical and psychological health. Many cyberbullying victims have committed suicide and many others have been suffering from depression and anxiety. In this article, we have discussed how parents can protect their children from cyberbullying by using social media and WhatsApp spy app.

What is Cyberbullying?

Bullying is not a new term. Many of us are familiar with schoolyard and workplace bullying. The online bullying is not much different than them. Frequently harassing, teasing, humiliating and offending someone using the electronic means such as mobile phones, messages, emails, social media apps, instant messengers, blogs, chat-rooms, phone calls or any other similar tool is called cyberbullying.

In some situations, cyberbullying can be more severe and can have more horrible impacts than face-to-face bullying. In online bullying, the bully can keep its identity hidden. It increases the fear of the victim. Sensitive cyberbullying victims may suffer from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts.

Role of WhatsApp Messenger in Cyberbullying

Social media platforms and instant messaging apps have been playing a significant role in connecting people worldwide. While these platforms allow users to communicate with the people across the globe, they are potential enough to expose our children to several dangers. The most common online danger is cyberbullying. Many social media and instant messenger users have been experiencing online bullying and harassment.

If we particularly talk about WhatsApp messenger, the messaging application allows cyberbullies to access and target adolescents. It offers video and audio calling, media file sharing and instant messaging. The persecutors take advantage of these features to frequently harass the target keeping their identities hidden.

TheOneSpyWhatsApp Spy App

While technologists have developed communication apps to enable users to communicate with the people worldwide, they have also developed spy and monitoring applications to supervise the use of these communication apps. There are innumerable monitoring and tracking apps rightly available in the spy market that allows spying on WhatsApp and many other instant messengers. TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable and effective social media spy apps.

The social and instant messenger spying app allows spying on WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Viber, IMO, Line, Snapchat and many other social media apps. The WhatsApp spy app enables users to supervise all activities performed on the instant messenger. It is particularly intended for parents and employers to keep track of online activities of children and employees.

How WhatsApp Spy App Facilitates Parents

The WhatsApp spy app of TheOneSpyenables parents to keep track of the online behavior of their children. The teenagers spend most of their time communicating with their fellows via instant messenger. The more time they give to this social media platform, the more likely they are to become a victim of cyberbullying.

The bullies use instant messenger to send threatening messages, humiliating and embarrassing media files. Parents can take advantage of WhatsApp spy app to be aware of these harassing messages and awkward photos and videos received by their kids. Once they become aware of the bully, they can take serious action against that harasser.

Track Bullying Messages

The messages sent and received through WhatsApp can be monitored with the help of WhatsApp spy app. The app creates an online backup of all incoming and outgoing messages and uploads to the online portal of the spyware software. Parents can log into that portal and read all messages out there.

Track Bullying Calls

The audio and video calls received and made via WhatsApp can be tracked with WhatsApp monitoring app. The WhatsApp call logs containing call detail and contact detail of callers and recipients get uploaded to the spy app online portal by WhatsApp tracking app.

Track Bullying Media

The photos and videos exchanged via WhatsApp messenger can be seen through the online spy app portal. Parents can identify if there is any bullying or objectionable stuff. Necessary measures can be taken on finding bullying media.

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