What Should You Know About Raid Data Recovery

Are you a company owner or working with big data? The problem of losing data is essential. Storage of all your data on flash drives or tapes isn’t actual anymore.

RAID is an acronym which means Redundant Array of Independent Disks. RAID system consists of two or more hard drives. They are connected to create data mirroring. Disks are attached to a hardware drive controller and form the array. A RAID server in a mirrored array is slower, while a RAID server in a striped array will perform faster.

What does it mean to recover files from RAID? It’s a process of recovering and extracting data from RAID storage. To recover RAID drive data from one or more RAID drives are used in both manual and automated data recovery processes.

Raid Data Recovery

RAID storage architecture uses a unique and complex method of extracting and storing data which differs from standard data recovery process. RAID drive data recovery can be implemented for any level: RAID 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 …10. If you faced problems of losing data or you would like to prevent them and you know nothing of RAID recovery services, don’t rush to call the specialist, try-on free RAID data recovery software.

Reasons to choose Disk Drill software for RAID data recovery

Have you ever thought of “undelete” button? Sometimes world turns upside down when we think of documents, files, photos you have just deleted from your Recycle Bin. Seems like this is the end. Nevertheless, there is a magic wand that can help you. RAID data recovery software, Disk Drill for Windows will recover RAID data and become your rescue ranger.

Data Recovery

What versions of Disk Drill service are available

Disk Drill program provides its users with several editions according to their needs:

  •  Free Disk Drill app offers 500 MB of files recovery, and if your lost document is less you can download an application and enjoy the free data recovery!
  •   The Pro version of Disk Drill is designed for personal use. Its price is $89 and it can be used up to three computers by a single user. Pro version provides a quick and deep scan of files and recovers all media types of files systems. For an additional $29 you can buy lifetime upgrades.
  •   Disk Drill Enterprise costs $399 and has all the features of Pro version, is designed for unlimited installations and users. Lifetime upgrades are free within this package.

Disk Drill

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There is nothing impossible with Disk Drill for Windows concerning erased files. No matter when you emptied your Recycle Bin, recovery program has all the necessary tools to solve the problem.  If you’ve never used a recovery software app, you shouldn’t be afraid. Disk Drill is very easy to install, to navigate. Disk Drill users can get a support via e-mail, live chat, and phone. You can read FAQ and join the community forum on the Help Center page.

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