What Features Breitling Avengers make them Popular?

Breitling company is about 130 years old and making exclusive watches due to which pilot rely on the watch chronographs along with watch lovers love to buy this brand. The digital plus analog watches provide perfect measurement and mathematical models. They are accurate in providing time and calculations. Even the watches are specialized for conversion of one-unit measurement to others. these are the special kind of watches having many distinguishing features rather you may say watch plus mini calculator.

Time And Navigation Coordination

The various models of the watches have the ability to provide time and navigation coordination. This feature you will find in the Breitling Navitimer. The first watch was with such features was launched in 1952 and after that many other models came with this feature. The Avengers watches help the pilot during the flight. The hand wound caliber is available that act as the personal onboard instrument. In this way, the pilots can convert multiple measurements calculation of averages, fuel consumption, the distance between ascent and landing. There are many other features that help the Avengers for getting coordination between the time and navigation.

Chronographs with Micro-rotor

Although the feature is present in other sports watches also but the Breitling was the first to introduce automatic chronographs. These are specialized for measurement of not only the time or date but also have the special feature of the tachymeters or moveable bezels. The main function of this is to calculate the speed and distance. Therefore, it helps the pilots to measure the speed of the aircraft.

Presence of Transmitters

Another exclusive feature that Breitling introduced in 1995 was the presence of the transmitters in the watches. The company designed the watch with collaboration with the team of the pilots. The first watch of this kind was made of titanium that has the micro-transmitter set to the frequency of 151.MHz. The first model had the wire antenna for transmission of the signals if there was present any emergency. The first watch of Breitling with this feature was the Breitling Emergency. After activation, the transmitter sends a signal after every 2.25 seconds with 0.75 impulse rate. The best part is that signals can be received about 160 Km distance apart. It can search plane flying apart 6000 meters.


The Breitling watches are exclusive and have excellent power reserve time. previously the pioneer models operated with a lithium battery can give the excellent time for transmitters of about 48 hours. The Breitling Avengers hurricane has awesome power reserve time that is 70 hours. The powerful battery is incorporated in almost all models in order to show the large backup for the power of the watch.

Water resistance property

Like other brands, the Breitling watches are also specialized in having water resistance properties. the twin lock system with the special case material protects the machinery against water so no damage occurs even if the wearer wears it during swimming or taking bath.

Band properties

The other exclusive features of the watches from this brand is that these have resistance to corrosion, show thermal stability, having antimagnetic property. Along with these, the best property is of hypo allergenicity that’s mean no matter how much time you wear these watches do not cause the itching or rashes on your wrist. Another property of the band is that it has non-slip grip so that wearer especially avengers can wear with their gloves easily.

Other features

  • Glareproofed crystal windows in most watches.
  • Resistant to scratch and traction.
  • Most watches have stencil type hour numerals.
  • Special case materials that make them different from other brands.
  • Mostly decorated with multiple kinds of jewels.
  • Available in multiple colors depending on the model. From aesthetic black to lush silver with combinational color dials.

All these features make the watches superior quality and help the buyer to buy them.

The Breitling series are aesthetic and symbol of prestige for most wearers. Not only avengers feel confident in wearing this timepiece but most sports person and people having an interest in the collection of watches also love to buy these stylish navigational watches. The unique, alluring yet perfect timepiece to wear during flight time or any time you want.

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