Trends That Are Likely to Get Stronger in 2018

When you decide to include Instagram in your online marketing strategy, you just cannot afford to ignore the changing trends in the industry. So much has already changed and you may see things taking different turns in the coming months. It is therefore important to ensure that your marketing strategy is in line with the changing trends to make most out of your Instagram page.


No More Focus On Personal Feeds

A great thing will be to have a 4×4 grid in place of the 3×3. While users had to keep adjusting their posts to fit the size, this is a heck of work in itself. Well, the news about grid change is just a buzz and not confirmed. This could be just another way to shift focus from less personal feeds to the more personal ‘live’ or ‘stories’ or the video feature. Feeds are less interactive.

Feeds also require the perfect timing to be seen by your target audience and it takes a lot of effort and time to create one single post that may attract users. If there are no results after so much hard work put by you for the feed, you are sure to get disappointed. With limitations evident in feeds, and as Instagram is moving towards creating a more fruitful and engaging user-experience, this means the ‘feed’ could slowly become outdated.

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No More Bots

No more spam. No more fake Instagram likes and followers or bulk engagements. The year 2018 will see a much robust algorithm to prevent offensive and spammy content and make Instagram clean and genuine. Instagram already has features like deleting or barring the accounts containing suspicious behavior such as liking or following too many accounts at the same time, leaving repetitive (copy and paste) comments on different or same accounts and so on.

While these algorithms may sometimes catch and penalize the genuine accounts too, they are intelligent enough to track down junk accounts. There is also ‘shadowban’ that has been introduced of late, which saw a lot of users having less engagement and visibility as a lot of content was monitored and filtered to be original and real.

The accounts that are suspected to have bot activities will be penalized for doing so, with the accounts suspended or even deleted. Before you fall into any such bait claiming to give you more followers and likes – just think what is better for you. The right content and right marketing or fake followers who may ward off anytime.

Knowing More About User Preferences

Well, this is something subject to debate. It depends on your preferences and you may choose not to share more personal content.  Instagram collects a lot of data about your choices, what you see, what you don’t like to see and so on.

As Instagram is moving towards creating a more personalized experience which means you will have more control over your feeds and see more customized feeds based on your interests over time.

If you are interacting with few accounts more often than others, you will be a ‘preferred’ choice to see their content over other accounts with whom you don’t engage often. Instagram believes that the ones you are in touch with are closer to you and you may want to see more from them. Similarly, if you don’t want to see certain types of feeds, Instagram will filter out those the next time you browse through your feed.

You can also ‘follow hashtags’ on Instagram which means any posts or stories containing the respective hashtag will appear in your feed. If there are many with the same hashtag, Instagram lets you decide which ones to show on your feed.

For example, the three dots alongside each feed give you an option to hide the feed and see fewer like those. Instagram remembers your preferences. This will also ensure the app is friendlier and more interactive and allows flexibility based on the user’s choice. Instagram also makes certain choices for you based on your general activity trends and preferences and with each step that you take, tries to know more about you.

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