How to Track a Mobile Phone Number

How many times have you faced the situation when you need to track someone’s number or locate someone’s phone?

Yes, this comes very frequently especially if you are a new parent or an employer then you need to know where your kids are and what they are doing. In such scenarios, tracking the mobile number is becoming necessary.

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But the big question is how you can do that?

Well, nowadays with some spy software, tracking and managing the mobile phone number is not that difficult. All you need is a smartphone with an Android tracking app which will do the rest for you. Although there are many tracking apps available in the market, all are not trusted. The one I have personally tested and using since long is Hoverwatch.

Hoverwatch is currently leading mobile tracking apps in the market and millions of users are using it for parental control and as tracking apps.

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We will also use the same HoverWatch to track the mobile number. Let’s see how to track a phone number and when you should use that.

Tracking Phone Number Using Hoverwatch

Here are some simple steps using which you can track the phone number. First, remember to use it for a legal purpose. The best use can be tracking your kid’s mobile number or tracking your employee’s mobile number. In retain chain sector, many use cases can be found.

The best thing with Hoverwatch is, you can get results in real-time. For example, let’s say you are at work and your kids have gone to school and they have not reached home yet, in that case, using this app you can get the live location of your kids. Just imagine how much useful this app will be in such cases.

The app usually uses the IMEI or GPS location for the tracking purpose. Tracking with GPS is comparatively easy compared to the IMEI and so most of the app uses the same.

To do this, all you have to do, just install the Hoverwatch app and active it. Now you can manage all the stuff from your Hoverwatch dashboard.

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Now you just need to put the phone number which you are looking to track, and it will give you all the details about the phone number. It will give you the live location of the user. The best thing about such situation is, you can be at peace of mind as you will be knowing where your family is.

You can also track the home address of the phone number for that you need to use other services like white pages of Hoverwatch. For this, you don’t have to pay additional amount.

Although there are other ways also to find the location using the mobile number. For example, using social media sites like Facebook, Google plus etc.

But due to the data breach kind of issues, social sites like Facebook has stopped providing search on the basis of the mobile number and so you are now having a limited number of scopes to track the phone number.


This was all about tracking the phone number. Still, Hoverwatch provides an excellent stuff to track the mobile number. It’s easy to use and accurate when it comes to location. If you have any issues or suggestions comment down below.

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