Top 9 New IOS 11 Features

Apple has announced the latest IOS 11 Operating System, The update brings new features to operate your smartphone easy and quickly. I think this is a pretty minor update. In this post, I will share you some of the features that I notice and think are useful. IOS 11 has tons of new features added when you compare to IOS 10. These are some few changes and updates I noticed on IOS 11. Here are the Top 9 New IOS 11 Features, Let’s get start it.

1.customizable control center

The control center has been completely changed in ios11. this control center looks some cluttered
there are some good things though the volume and brightness look good and smooth. one of the thing in control
center now you can fully customizable, go to control center settings change the apps that are visible in
control center and even the order which the show-up.

2.Notification center

the notification center in ios11 is completely different when compare to ios10. swiping down from top
you will get the lock screen and swiping up to view older notifications, swiping left to right to view the
widgets and swiping right to left to reveal the camera.

3.screen recording

Finally, Ios11 supports screen recording, this feature is hidden by default but you can go to control
center settings and add screen record toggle to control center. now screen record icon will appear in
control center.

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4.Message App improvements

Message app got some improvements which are app drawer present at the bottom of the app and there are
more options like apple music and google maps. One new feature has to do with sync. Your messages will sync
across all your devices. when you set up a new device, it will get back all your previous conversations in
iMessage without any loss of it.

5.One handed Keyboard

Apple has included one hand keyboard operation, to activate this easy one-handed mode long press the
Globe icon on the keyboard and you will see the right-handed operation or left handed operation select which
one you want to use.

6.screenshot markups

ios11 added new editing markups to screenshots.when to take a screenshot, it will appear in the bottom left
corner of your device. you can tap on that to launch the markup window.

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7.QR code support

ios11 will come with new QR code support on your camera.Now you will able to scan QR codes with your
camera app.

8.App Store

App Store is completely re-designed and it looks a lot more like apple music than the app store. when you
launch the app store, where you can find featured apps and new launches. everyday app store gives you new apps
and games.

9.Apple music

Apple Music is now going allow you to see playlists created by your friends. Users will also be able to
see which songs their friends are listening to apple music. Of course, you can disable this feature if they do
not want others to see their playlists or songs.

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