Top 7 Best DSLR Apps For Android 2017

A lot of Photographers have DSLR cameras if they have a passion for photography. you can get expensive cameras and lens, but worth it. However, you can get that experience using these top 7 DSLR apps for Android those who are enthusiastic about photography.


The one thing a photographer needs is a good photo editing app.and here comes the best one. This mobile version app has mostly all the features of desktop version. It includes support for RAW photos and has the ability to revert back to the original if needed. You can also send files to the desktop version if needed.and most of the features which are available in the app are free. You can also get more features if you are an existing Adobe creative cloud subscriber. This app is very useful one.


Of course, there are many apps to control your camera but this app serves you the best. It supports different types of cameras like Nikon, Canon, Sony etc. You can connect to your camera over wifi or USB. This app also lets your images to load on your phone.and regarding the app, you can buy a pro version if you want some good additional features.and lite pro version removes ads but the full pro version serves you better.


Camera remote control is one of the best apps, but it works only in some phones which has the feature IR blasters and also your cameras must have IR sensor feature.this app comes with a shutter button and a timer option. You can also set multiple timers. This is the app and all you need is IR sensor in your camera and IR blaster on your phone. If you have this features then it is very easy to use.


This app is one of the best DSLR controller apps and it is only compatible with Canon EOS has more pretty features than any other apps. You can connect to USB or wifi to your camera and you can do whatever you want. This includes using your phone as a shutter button and you can also control your DSLR settings through this app. Actually, this version app is paid one but there is also a free version which you can download and check whether this app supports your camera.This app is the good app for canon users.


This app is quite different.this app lets you save or store your shooting settings.and this app is very necessary for those who shoot in a lot of places. By this app, you can record your actual camera settings and you can also save some settings if you like during shoot.and there is also an option like using your phone as a remote controller. It also uses the same IR settings like the app CAMERA REMOTE CONTROL does. It is a very good app and it is available in both free and paid versions.


This app is actually for professionals and this app is very much expensive. It is mostly compatible with Nikon and Canon cameras. It has focus bracketing, wifi support, burst shooting video shooting, exposure bracketing and time lapse shooting and there is also a free version but it shows only whether this app works with your camera. It is a quite good app than any other but it is most expensive.


This app just acts as a guide to you. It shows you the calculations to get the best focus. It shows you optimal ranges for focus depending on your subject, distance, camera, and glass. It supports almost all cameras. It also shows the data for depth of field and field of view etc. This app is free and contains no ads to disturb you. It is a very good app for beginners and for intermediates and this app is very easy to use. In one word, this app is completely MATHEMATICAL.

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