Top 4 Reasons for Xiaomi Phones Explode in India

Why Redmi phones Explode? We have noticed that many Xiaomi Redmi Phones are exploding at many places in India like Bengaluru (Karnataka) and Ravulapalem (Andhra Pradesh). But the Xiaomi Company has responded to the video circulated that the Redmi Note 4 has exploded at Bengaluru is a fake news. Apart from that, some of the Xiaomi users has actually affected with the phone blast due to external pressure on the phone and usage of a third-party charger. To avoid this situation, the experts are recommending some suggestions and Best Reason why Redmi Note 4 (or any smartphones) exploding. Top 4 Reasons for Xiaomi Phones Blast in India Let’s get started.

1. Usage of Third Party Chargers

Mainly the usage of third party chargers will affect your charging efficiency and a battery will be damaged and also phone can explode. Every mobile and its charger will have predefined capacity voltage and current which supports the battery for good condition. So always avoid the usage of third party chargers.

2. External Pressure

Nowadays the phones are coming with an ultra-slim body in which the components inside are embedded very close to the battery. When the external pressure is heavy, the load on internal components increases and there is a chance of exploding or mobile will be damaged. Keep the phone at a distance from heat or industrial places or far away from chemicals or corrosive wet area.

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3. Over Heating

Not only Redmi phones, every smartphone will get heated during usage for a long time. The best processors and components used in a smartphone, the more heat will be evolved in order to balance the processing task. So do not use phones while connected to chargers and also when used for a long time around 2-3 hours.

4. Depends on users Usage

There are many reasons for why smartphones get heated and explode which mostly depends on users. The reasons are playing games and watching videos for a long time, making calls or video calls which are high-frequency signals when connected to charging, charging the mobile with USB cable to laptops or desktops.

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