Top 4 Benefits of Zip Files in Mac

Macintosh is the most famous OS today and when you compare it with Windows OS; you will realize that Macintosh provides awesome features and design that many users would want to enjoy.

Macs come with features that are crucial but many users haven’t realized the benefits that come with these features. One of them is the zip files. The zip files on Macs have been overlooked by users and in fact, many users are not aware of its existence on their machine.

Benefits of Zip Files in Mac

In this post, we will share some of the reasons why zip files are crucial in Mac, but first of all:

What is a zip file?

A zip file is just like other archive file formats; it comprises many files and folders that are compressed into one file to make it easy to transport and compress. Once a folder is compressed, it becomes easier to attach many documents while sending emails. You may also learn about how to zip a file on your Mac.

The zipped file becomes smaller in size thus making it possible to send large files. Note that when sending files via Gmail or even Yahoo, you are required to make sure your files are less than 25mbs which makes it viable to zip files.

If you zip files, you get an opportunity to enjoy plenty of benefits. In any case, you are using an awesome machine and so you should try to maximize the greatness by using all the important features that it offers to you, which includes the zip files.

Below are 4 benefits that zip files can provide to your Mac.

1. Zip files are best when you want to send them as attachments

As mentioned above, zip files consist of a collection of files and folders that are aimed at reducing the size of a file so that it can be transported or attached easily when sending emails.  Zip files are designed to help users do their job effectively and efficiently.

This is the reason why every PC or other machine users are recommended to use this feature. Zip files make it easier to attach many files and when you compare attaching zip files with attaching individual files, you will notice that it may take you forever to attach individual files than zip files.

2. Zip files are great for emailing

Zip files are incredible when you want to send them via email. For instance, if you wanted to send more than 30 files every day, it will be easier to compress and email them as one file via the internet. Think about when you are not putting them to be one file; you will have to upload one file after another via the file Uploader feature in your account.

Therefore, it’s is important and recommended to compress files when emailing them since it will also be easier for the person you are sending the files to download them as one file and not downloading one file after another. This maximizes efficiency and productivity.

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3. Security

The internet world is the most unsecure place for users who spend most of their time working with files and documents. Security is something that must not be compromised at all cost. When sending files, you need to ensure they are safe. When you use zip files on your computer, your security is enhanced. It is easier to password protect zip files to prevent malicious users from opening your files.

The good thing about password protected files is that it prevents them from being affected by malicious software on your Mac. Also, zip files can easily be scanned by an antivirus program which makes it safe to use in your day to day machine use.

4. Zip files save time

As mentioned above that sending individual files could be tiresome especially if you have to attach 100 files, it is no doubt, zip files can save you time. When you compress files, you don’t have to wait for ages to attach, upload and download many files at once. Time is money that you should not lose it and when lost it cannot be recovered so take advantage of this feature on your Mac.


When working with the internet, speed and security are of great importance. Speed will save you time and security will relieve you from frustrations of losing your files. Zip files will take care of these concerns and more, therefore, take advantage of compressing your files in your Mac.

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