Top 10 Amazing Google Chrome Extensions You Should Know

Best chrome extensions for people who are facing some issue or to save the time with these essential chrome plugins. I have Listed some most useful extensions (best chrome add-ons). Check out the 10 Best Chrome Extensions You Should Use.

1. HTTPS Everywhere

This Google Chrome Extension is used to Encrypt the browsing experience by choosing the HTTPS website which is safe and secure to use for any browsing site in Google and it will also suggest you the best sites which are having https and also makes the normal website to https for uninterrupted usage. All we need to do is just add the extension to the Google Chrome and turn ON the HTTPS Everywhere option so that when you are browsing anything that will show the secured websites to save your PC from effective sites. This is the only extension which you don’t need to do anything, just turn ON the extension and forget about it then your PC will be safe and secure.

2. InvisibleHand

If you are about to save the money in your shopping or purchasing anything online then all you need to do is keep this extension ON. This InvisibleHand Extension can be added to Chrome and whenever you are shopping Online then it will help you in getting the best price in all other online shopping websites. This is the Real Time Extension where maximum retailers are using for shopping. It will show the best comparable price of object and this can be only used in USA, UK, Germany.

3. WOT (Web Of Trust)

This is the extension which will show you the websites in colour code symbols based on the website reputation and trust worthiness. It can save your browsing from sites containing dangerous Malware, Virus etc. All you need to do is turn ON the extension in Chrome and search your information in Google then you will find green color for safe website, red is for dangerous and yellow is for cautious and can harm your PC. So for knowing more about the website you can click on the colour, there you will find the reviews about the website from the users.

4. Noisli

Noisli is the best extension that you can use it for getting the better clarity of the sounds which are naturally occurring. There are more work going on to improve this extension but now it is better in blocking the sounds. For this, you need to add an extension to Chrome and sign in for selecting favorite Nexus. You can also create your own Nexus and add combo on that website. This can also be used to create new sounds and save them as your requirement and can be added to the Nexus sounding toolbox.

5. Netflix Categories

This Netflix Categories extension is the favorite thing which all the Netflix fans will love to add in Google Chrome. It has many hidden features and options in it but appears only few from outside but when this extension is turned ON then you can access the special features in your search engine. This is the extension which doesn’t require any cheat code for getting the favourite categories. You can add many videos, movies and programs to watch list and can be saved to watch later on your PC. This will not harm your PC by adding that in your Chrome Extensions.

6. Google Translate

Already we all know that Google Translate is very much useful in translating information from one language to other. When you add this to Chrome Extension then it is more convenient to browse and easy to translate the text from other language. When you are searching which is not your language then you can translate the text or you can click on the option that translates the page which will translate the whole page into your language. You can also have many categories of languages to translate the information.

7. Turn Off the Lights

This is very much useful when you are watching videos online or movies to make your PC look more better and to experience the theatre view. When you are watching the video just click on the extension and it will make all the background low intensity and highlight the video. There are some more options to turn off the lights and make the watching experience better all we need to do is customize the settings as you wish and save them. This extension can be added to Google Chrome and also enable anytime but doesn’t harm your PC.

8. Evernote Web Clipper

It is very popular and widely used by the users for which it allows you to quickly save the web content in your notepad or notebooks when you are browsing anything. This extension has the options like article, Simplified article, Full Page, Bookmark, Screenshot by which you can save the data from the website and store it on your PC. In this we can crop the size of the screenshot and have options for annotation for editing the picture and can be saved in extension notepad. Whenever you open the extension you can find your articles and they can be shared in Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

9. The Camelizer

This is also an another online shopping extension which will help to get the best deal among all the sites. That makes sure about the product details on purchasing prices and it will inform you the market price and best price when it falls and rises. All we have to do is just add extension to Google Chrome and click on Camelizer when you are shopping. It works in different countries like Canada, China, US, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and UK. We can find more options for choosing the better price and marketing levels in different places.

10. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is the best Ad Blocker for chrome extension which is similar to Ad Block Plus which will help in blocking the ads when using the web pages or browsing internet. But this extension specially blocks more ads, uses less system resources and loads web pages faster. This will inform you from the harmful web pages or websites and warn you before you enter into it and shows the total number of ads blocked on that web page. You can also make the extension disable in some of the sites which you doesn’t prefer but this is highly used in the online shopping sites.

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