13 Must Know Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

These days, Smartphone has become the most important device in our life. Smartphones have become mini computers and every work is done at our fingertips. We use mobile phones for Online Banking, Mobile Payments, Games, Customization Tool, Applications, Emails, and much more. But have you ever thought about your personal data protection on your smartphone? People are searching on the internet like How to Secure my Smartphone from Hackers, Has my iPhone been hacked, and My phone was hacked and How do I Fix it.

Must Know Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure
Must Know Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

Most of the Smartphones & Tablets are stuck with some Hacker Screen and lost their personal data. Some people think about what to do with old Tablet and they simply go for Locks for Tablets. Though Lock for Tablet is the best option to secure the personal data what about the New Smartphone and Tablet users. For those people, we have researched on Android Security, Smartphone Privacy & Security Apps, and also on iPhone Security Apps. In this article, we show you 13 Ways to Protect your Smartphone and Secure your Smartphone from Hackers.

Must Know Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

1. Set a Secure Lock Screen

You can set a Secure Lock Screen by using various options like PIN, Password, Pattern or Fingerprint Locks available on your Smartphone. But try to avoid the Third Party App Locks or Screen Lock Apps. On most devices head to Settings > Security > Screen Lock.

2. Keep your Device Up to Date

Some people fear to do Software Update on their Smartphones as User Interface changes for every Firmware Update. But it is important to Install Software Update from the device manufacturer because it exploits and corrects the loopholes in the Android System.

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3. Encrypt your Personal Data

Encryption means converting the data into another format, especially to prevent unauthorized access. You will find “Encrypt phone” option on your Android phone which encrypts all the Data including personal data on your device. Keep your phone fully charged while encrypting data or you need to connect to a charger and wait for one hour or more till encryption finishes.

4. Manage Permissions

You need to Manage Permissions on your Smartphone whenever you are Downloading, Installing or Upgrading any application or software. To manage your applications, go to Settings > Application Settings > App Permissions. In some cases, you can also keep “Unknown Sources” as Turn off.

5. Hide Your Passwords

If you have a problem with forgetting passwords then you can save your passwords using the Smartphone assistant. But there is an option to Hide your passwords where no one can see it while you are accessing. To Hide your passwords, Tap Settings > Security > Uncheck Make passwords visible.

6. Hide your Private Notifications

Some apps like Whatsapp, Hike, Facebook, and some other apps allow hiding the content of the notifications on your lock screen. For this option, Go to Settings > Sound & Notification or Other Security Settings > Notification Access or Don’t show Notifications at all.

7. Use Third-Party Web Browser

If you use the Pre-installed Web Browser, you may face few difficulties like Unwanted News Feed Notifications, Saving your Passwords, unable to Block Pop-up Sites and Slow Browsing experience. But if you choose a Third Party Browser like UC Browser, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini then they fulfill all the requirements of yours and protects your data and also Blocks Pop-Up sites.

8. BackUp your Data Regularly

As we do BackUp Data for Whatsapp Messenger, we should also choose a Cloud Storage like Google Drive or OneDrive for Storing our Personal Data or Keeping the BackUp option to access the Data whenever your Smartphone is Lost. Losing a Smartphone is a big mistake and losing the data in it will be awful.

9. Use Privacy & Security Apps

You can find Apps like iPhone Security Apps or Android Privacy & Security Apps to Secure your Smartphone from stealing. If you lost your Smartphone then these apps will help you to Access Data on your phone and Save or Delete the Personal Data so that no one can access it.

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10. Use Trusted Rooting Apps

For customizing the Android phone, some people choose Root Device option and use Unknown Sources like Third Party Rooting Apps or Untrusted Root Apps. Untrusted Root Apps may harm your phone and grab your personal data using Hackers. Hacking is done in many ways like Hacking Games, Social Media Hackers, and other Third Party Apps.

11. Use VPN or Anti-Virus Apps

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is highly used for browsing or watching the content of other countries from your original location. There are many iPhone Hacks, Smartphone Hacker Tricks, and other Hacking Sites which can Harm your Smartphone. These occur when you watch movies on sites, TV series and Download any content. To avoid these Harmful Sites, use VPN or Anti-Virus Apps that can clear cache memory and keep your phone safe.

12. Do Not Connect to Unknown WiFi Networks

Most of the people connect their phones to Open Wifi or the device gets automatically connected to open network which is highly insecure and may have security risks. Wifi Hacking is also existing which can steal the personal data on your smartphone without your permission. So avoid connecting to open network source and try to disable “Automatic Wifi Connect” option on your smartphone.

13. Install a Trusted Root Management App

For customizing Android phone, we use Rooted Device or Root Android phone with PC for clearing all the Data and increase the performance of the device. In this case, you need to be careful before Downloading Root Management Apps and protect your phone. Always use Trusted Root Management App and clear all Personal Data before rooting so that no one can access your information.


I hope you this article 13 Must Know Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure is helpful to you. If you know any other tips and tricks to secure smartphone let us know by comment down below. Share with your friends and relatives on social media.

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