Tips about Kids GPS Watch that You Can’t Afford to Miss

Kids Smart GPS Watch: Safety is key when you have kids. The invention of smart GPS watches has really helped parents keep their kids safe. With a kids GPS watch, parents can now track the location of their kids anytime. These watches also have many other cool functions.


Here are some tips by about kids GPS watch that you can’t afford to miss:

Real-Time GPS tracking and WIFI positioning

The most important function of GPS kids watch is GPS tracking. Now parents can always know where their kids using GPS. WIFI position is an added feature of some watches. It helps the watch get a clearer location in WIFI hotspots.

Emergency Mode

In case of an emergency, a button can be pushed on the watch. This sets the watch in emergency mode. A silent alarm is triggered and a notification is sent to you immediately. The watch will also send you the location of the child at the exact time the alarm is triggered.

Water Resistance

Kids GPS watches that are water resistant are best. These watches still work even when they get in contact with water. Your child can shower with the watch or even go playing in a fountain and it will still work.

Notifications and Reminders

Modern smart kids GPS watches now allow parents to set reminders. A notification can be sent to you at certain times throughout the day.

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Calling and Texting Option

A cool feature in kids GPS watches is two-way communication. Parents can call and talk to your kid anytime. Either the child or the parent can a call. Some watches also give texting options. Video calling has been introduced recently. If your kids get lost and they see your face they will be calmer.

Safe Zone Settings

Safe zone settings come in very handy. You can set the perimeter of how far your kid can go. This is called a geo-fence. If the child steps outside the fence, an alarm is automatically triggered and you receive a notification.

Micro SD Slot

Previously parents were limited to only relying on the GPS. Now parents have the option of choosing their service provider. The micro SD slot gives parents the freedom to use any telecommunications service provider.

Games and Audio Recording

Some new features that have been added are games and audio recording. With audio recording, you can listen in on your child’s day and know what how their day was. Simple games such as collection of prizes have been added too. These help your child not get bored of wearing the watch. Smartwatchpicks provide more information about kids GPS watch.

Design and Soft Coating Exterior

The comfort of the child when they are wearing the watch is key. Look out for a small, lightweight design with a soft coating. This way the watch will not hurt your child’s wrist.

Other tips you can look out for is long battery life and durability of the watch. Keep your kids safe!

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