The Pros and Cons Of Riding An Electric Bike

In recent years, as more people are choosing to ride e-bikes rather than conventional bicycles there has been a lot of debate regarding the actual benefits of riding an electric pedal assisted bicycle as compared to traditional cycling. One common claim by conventional cyclists is that e-bikes are a form of cheating and that their riders are actually lazy and don’t benefit from riding their electric bikes at all.

The truth is that there are multiple advantages of riding an electric bike, but just like with any other form of transport these motor assisted bikes od have their pros and cons.

Here are the main pros and cons to consider if you are thinking about switching to riding an e-bike:


An e-bike will help you save money

This is especially true if you are switching to an electric bike for commuting and running errands from driving a car or riding the bus or train.

An e-bike is not cheap, but the investment is absolutely worth it if you ride your bike regularly and use it instead of your car or public transport.

An electric bike does not require the purchase of fuel, frequent oil changing, insurance, as well as paying for parking. Furthermore, it is an excellent alternative to using public transport for getting to work or school and you will be amazed at how much money you can save from bus and train tickets which you pay for on a daily basis too.

It will help you decrease your carbon footprint and negative impact on  the environment

Your electric bike will not emit any harmful greenhouse gasses when you ride it, so you will not be polluting the air. Also, you will help decrease the number of cars on the road if you switch to e-bike riding from driving.

An electric bike is very quiet too, so you will not be contributing to the increasing problem of noise pollution especially if you live in a big city.

So, if you want to feel better about yourself by leading a greener life – an e-bike is the way to go!

Electric bikes are actually pretty nifty

You can ride an e-bike on the road or off the road. Depending on where you live, you may be allowed to use the cycling lanes and routes too. This means that you can take shortcuts, and reach your destination faster and safer than if you are driving or using public transport and get stuck in a traffic jam.

Also, there are foldable e-bikes which you can easily collapse and get on the train, take to the office or bring home with you!

You won’t be covered with sweat when you reach your destination

If you choose to use the motor assistance when the route gets hilly or when you are traveling at longer distances you won’t need to pedal as much as you would when riding a conventional bike. This means that you can wear your regular work or other clothes instead of spandex and that you will get to your office or to the restaurant to meet your friends without the desperate need of a shower, and without being covered with sweat.

E-bikes are fast

An electric bike has a battery and a motor which will allow you to go faster than regular cyclists as well as will allow for quick acceleration at streetlights and crossings which will allow you to keep up with the traffic and pass through it in traffic jams. Moreover, you can always leave the road and take a shortcut with an e-bike so you can definitely move faster especially in crowded and congested cities.

You can go farther with an electric bike

An e-bike will allow you to cover larger distances with ease. This means that you can go on longer trips, reach farther destinations and take longer rides than you would if you are using a pedal only bike.

Electric bikes will help you improve your mental and physical health

Most electric bikes do require that you do some pedaling, so riding an e-bike is considered a good aerobic and cardio exercise. By getting more exercise than you would if you prefer driving, taking the bus or lounging at home, you will burn calories, lose weight, improve your heart health, lower your risk of diabetes type II , cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks or stroke, as well as depression and other problems which are caused by sedentary lifestyles.

With an electric bike, you will be able to get out more even if you are not in great physical shape. You will quickly gain back your confidence once you start riding an e-bike. Plus,  your overall wellbeing including your mental health and cognitive function will also improve as a result of the physical exercise and the pure joy of riding an e-bike.

Riding an electric bike will make you want to ride more

The joy of feeling the breeze in your face and enjoying the beautiful view and the comfort of riding an electric bike which has a motor that can kick in whenever you need it will make you want to go out with your e-bike more and more! Various studies have found that people switching from pedal only cycling to riding e-bikes tend to ride up to 50% more than before. This is because of the higher speed, the easier rides uphill, as well as the less effort involved in reaching farther destinations. Furthermore, the endorphin and adrenaline released from the high speed and the physical activity of riding an e-bike will make you feel happy and wanting more!

So, once you get on that e-bike get ready to get hooked on riding it!


Electric bikes are more expensive than conventional bicycles

In general, electric bikes are quite expensive, and the fact that you will need to replace the battery at some point adds to this initial expense. On the other hand, an e-bike is cheaper than buying and maintaining a car.

E-bikes can be significantly heavier than pedal only bikes

Due to the fact that they need to carry the motor, battery and keep you balanced and safe at a high speed, an e-bikes frame is usually quite heavier than a conventional one. With the battery and motor added to it, the weight of an electric bike can be quite significant. This can pose a problem if you happen to run out of battery power in the middle of the road and need to pedal back home, or if you have to push or carry the bike.

Electric bikes may be restricted from bicycle lanes in some countries and states

Due to regulatory reasons, you may not be allowed to use the bicycle lanes or to ride on pedestrian areas when riding an e-bike. Check your local regulations and laws regarding electric bikes before proceeding to get one!


As you can see there are multiple benefits as well as some cons of riding an electric bike. Hopefully, you have managed to decide whether or not it is worthwhile investing in or using an electric bike instead of a traditional pedal only one, or instead of driving or relying on public transportation!

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