Speaker Boosting Apps: Features And More

Back in the days when smartphones were just introduced in the market, the sound quality of the speaker used to be very low. Even today, many of the smartphones especially the cheap ones have a bad speaker quality.

Having a bad phone speaker quality can ruin your experience of using a smartphone device. Imagine, you are listening to YouTube or watching a video slip in your phone without using a headphone. If the volume of your speaker is low, you won’t be able to enjoy the audio.

Speaker Boosting Apps

However, with the advancement of technology, smartphone manufacturers have taken care of the problem. Most of the smartphones these days come with a good quality speaker except a few models.

Boosting The Speaker Volume Of Your Phone

The volume level of your phone depends on the speaker quality. If your speakers are good enough, you can enjoy a good volume level. However, if it is not up to the mark, you may have to use third-party apps in order to enhance the volume of the speaker. Apps that can help you boost the volume of your phone’s speaker are called speaker booster apps.

You can get plenty of options out there when it comes to choosing a speaker booster app. these apps can be easily downloaded from the app store and most of them are available for free. These apps can help you to boost the volume level of your phone’s speaker. In addition, some of the equalizer speaker booster apps also come with a lot of features as well. All you need to do is adjust the settings of your speaker booster app and you will be good to go.

Features Of Speaker Booster Apps

As already mentioned earlier, there are plenty of speaker booster apps available out there. Download any of the high-rated apps and use it to boost the volume of your phone. These speaker booster apps are known to offer you with plenty of features. The number of features may vary from app to app. however, the basic features remain the same. Some of the common features that are found in every equalizer sound booster app include the following.

  • Most of these apps come with a user-friendly interface and design. This allows you to use the app easily without facing any complication.
  • One click volume booster is one of the best features that is provided by these apps.
  • The best thing about using these apps is that they support almost every android model. Therefore, you don’t have to hunt down the entire app store to get the app that is compatible with your device.
  • These apps work quite well with your headphones. This will allow you to have a great music experience on your phone.
  • The best part of using these apps is that they are available for free. You can reap the advantage of using this app without paying a penny for it.
  • You can even adjust the level of volume in your phone with the help of these apps.

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Volume Booster GOODEV:

There is something called a Volume Booster app called GOODEV, which is so effective and it also warns on your own risk. This app comes up with control menu called Sliders.

First Slider controls your standard phone volume and the second slider controls boost. This small app warns to users like “can damage your ears”, who are listing music beyond 40% on headphones. One more advantage of this fantastic app one can watch movies without speakers.


An equalizer is something that not a lot of people are not very much accustomed to. A lot of people think that the equalizer is just some rows of sliders which helps in increasing the volume but that is not the case.

The equalizer basically works as an audio enhancer and gives people the liberty to change the way the song or the music is played. Previously all the equalizer settings were available in the cassette players, but those days are far behind.

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All the equalizer settings are now available in different devices in the digital format. It is said that if the settings of the equalizer are kept at par then users are able to enjoy music to the fullest.

Speaker booster apps are of great use for smartphone users. It helps them to boost the volume of their device without any trouble. If you want to enhance the volume of your phone’s speaker, get hold of a high-rated speaker booster app.

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