Six SEO friendly Types of Content

SEO is increasingly growing as a field and can tend to be overwhelming for both experts and new users. With the best rank tracker available for any website owner to access, SEO marketing has since gotten better. Search optimization is however not the easiest marketing concept. It calls for keenness to specific details especially with so many changes that are developed; there is so much to learn on SEO.

Ideally, content has a significant role to play in matters SEO, as this is the only way sites can communicate with audiences and have a value exchange.

Therefore, every site owner or SEO marketer should consider these fantastic SEO friendly types of content as practices you can embrace to get your site pages ranking higher on search engines:

Blog posts

This is the most traditional way of sharing content on a website and can help build your SEO. Using blog posts on your site is a fun way to express a more personal side of your brand, which suitably resonates with your audience. To keep them coming for more, create blog posts regularly and republish some of them when necessary to keep things fresh.

Visual images

This is an image-based type of content that covers all forms of images like pictures, photos, memes, and info-graphs, among others. Today more than before, image-based content has a higher click-through rate than text-based content.

The one major advantage of visual images is that they are easier to share across different platforms yet still adequately communicate the intended message. Integrating visual images in your content is the way to go to draw the attention of people to your brand.


The advancements in technology have taken content creation to a whole new level. The use of videos is an excellent way to capture the attention of internet users who do not have much time to read through the text-based content.

With the introduction of live video, it is now possible for brands to share real-time messages and receive instant feedback from users. Since the video type of content is rapidly gaining popularity among different sites, search engines are picking up links to videos from sites and using them to boost website ranking.

Ensure your videos are exciting and more prolonged than one minute which is enough to communicate effectively and will feature well on video sites like YouTube, which use a different algorithm to rank sites.


Text-based content is still a sort after type of content, mainly because it provides more detailed information on a subject matter. The whole reason why some text-based content does not perform well on search engines is that they have a low readability.

This type of content should be easy to read through because lists are a more digestible way to simply give a general overview of your message by highlighting the most essential information.

Short-form content

This is an era where instantaneous messaging has been highly regarded both professionally and at a personal level. For this reason, short-form content is a way to communicate with your audience is as little words as possible, just to pass on the important message.

It is SEO friendly for the fact that many people find interest in the nicely written short-form content. A higher readership means higher traffic on your site, which is the ultimate goal of SEO.

Long-form content

At times, there is beauty in details. So often content creators focus on communicating their message in a short time as possible. Even when this is still effective for higher click-through rates, long-form content can feature well for your website.

This type of content allows room for you to provide detailed information to your audience. It is SEO friendly because it is long enough to suitably include long-tail keywords that are naturally embedded in the content.

Long-form content is as well a good way to build a reputation among your audience base where they consider your site a good source of information and research.

Remember to use this type of content sparingly so that your site is not a source of information overload.

While it is important to concentrate on different areas of SEO like keyword optimization, backlinks, page speed or SERP ranking, emphasis should be laid on the type of content you develop for your site. It is the content that contains the value you give to audiences, which is converted to traffic for your website.

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