How to Use Samsung Data Migration Software for Windows 10/8/7

Samsung Data Migration is vigorously grabbing the users attraction towards it for migrating data on their PC. Generally, we face few issues when using a Personal Computer or Laptop based on internal storage or Performance of the system. If you are using an old laptop and want to upgrade it with new Samsung SSD Drive then go through this article completely and you will find a solution to your problem.

Samsung Data Migration
                                             Samsung Data Migration Software for Windows 10/8/7

Samsung has produced several high-performance SSD’s EVO and PRO Series along with Samsung Data Migration Software. Let us know everything about Samsung Data Migration and migrate all our data into the Samsung SSD Drive.

What is Samsung Data Migration Software

Samsung Data Migration process includes both Samsung Data Hardware as well as Samsung Data Software. When it comes to software, Samsung Data Migration Software is designed to help users quickly, easily and safely migrate all of their data from PC to external Storage Drive. This Data Migration process includes every data like the current operating system, applications software and user data available in the PC Drives.

Samsung’s main goal is to provide the users with upgraded versions of Migration Software along with the Latest Samsung SSD Series. Even the new user can also start Data Migration or Data Cloning by following the simple steps given in this article. Samsung official website also provides with several Samsung Data Migration versions along with steps involved in Samsung SSD Clone.

Why Use Samsung Data Migration Process

Samsung Data Migration is useful to increase the user’s Desktops or Laptops with Maximum Performance, Maximum Capacity and get the Maximum Reliability. When it comes to Samsung Data Migration Software, it is designed as a simple solution for users who need to upgrade from their existing drive to their new Samsung SSD Drives. There is also another software called Samsung Magician Software which is a management suite for optimizing, tuning and keeping tabs on the health of the SSD.

How to use Samsung Data Migration Software

First of all, you should have Latest Samsung SSD 850 EVO Series and the upgraded version of Samsung Data Migration Software. It is not mandatory that you should only use the latest versions of software and latest series of Samsung SSD data migration. Based on your requirement, you can use any software but make sure that it works perfectly on your PC.

Clone and transfer your data from any hard disk in just 3 easy steps. These 3 User-Friendly Steps include Disk Analysis, Software Setup, and Data Migration. Follow the steps given below so that you can easily complete the Samsung Data Migration Process.

  1. Connect your Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB to any desktop or Laptop with included USB Adapter or Cable which comes with the Samsung SSD Kit.
  2. Transfer data from hard disks of any brand, any manufacturer or any capacity. You can also find the instructions available in multiple languages once you install the software on your PC.
  3. Install Samsung Data Migration Software from official CD or from Samsung official website.
  4. Next, Connect the Samsung SSD 850 to your PC.
  5. You will get a window in that click “Start Button”. Once you click Start Button, you will find Source Disk and Target Disk in which you need to select and continue the process.
  6. If the Samsung SSD 840 is not shown under “Target Disk” then re-connect the USB cable and click on “Rescan button”.
  7. After selecting the disk, you have to agree to a pop-up window by clicking “Yes”. Then the process gets started and the Data Migration begins to transfer from Source Disk to Target Disk. This process is also called as Data Cloning.
  8. Cloning process time will vary depending on source disk capacity. Once Cloning is completed, Shut down your Desktop or Laptop.
  9. Finally, install the Samsung SSD 850 on your PC and if unable to restart your PC, repeat the steps and try again.

Instructions or Tips for Samsung Data Migration

1. You have to save data and close all windows and programs before starting Data Migration.
2. Ensure that your USB connection is properly secured.
3. Check whether your Samsung SSD 850 is large enough to accommodate the data on the source disk and that at least 20% of the source disk is free.
4. Choose the correct Samsung SSD Hardware Disk and the exact Samsung Data Migration download the software from Samsung official website.

Requirements for Samsung Data Migration

1. Data Migration User Guide in the available language
2. Samsung Magician Software
3. 850 PRO Firmware for Windows User
4. USB Cables and required suitable adapters


I hope this article How to use Samsung Data Migration Software for Windows PC is helpful for you to know the process involved in Samsung Data Migration windows 10. If you like this article, then do share with your friends and family. If you have any queries and suggestions, please let us know and feel free to comment us below.

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