How To Remove The Malware Virus From My Computer?

Is your system poisoned with a virus even if you have antivirus installed in it? Is it a Malware Virus? Don’t worry guys, I am here with a complete guide on how to remove the Malware virus from your computer. And if you are not confirmed whether it is Malware virus or the other one then here I will also inform you about the symptoms of this virus.

how to get rid of viruses on windows 10
How to Get rid of Viruses on Windows 10

Symptoms Of Malware Virus

  • Slow system processing
  • Unusual behavior
  • Frequent system crash
  • Suspicious unknown activity
  • Popups
  • Automatic Execution and termination of programs

So, guys, these are the symptoms of Malware virus. This means if your system is suffering from these situations then a Malware virus has made an attack on it. But as you all know every problem has a solution. So let’s have a look at the simple steps which you need to follow to get rid of it. Well, guys in this guide you can learn how to install a VPN on your Android.

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How To Remove The Malware Virus?

STEP 1: Disconnect Your System From the Internet

Before you start processing anything remember to disconnect your PC from the internet connection. Don’t connect your PC from it unless your system is ready to clean. This will hinder the virus from outspreading the data inside your system. It would be better to prepare your PC into Microsoft’s safe mode because in this mode only the required programs will be loaded.

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STEP 2: Enter Safe Mode To Your PC

Restart your computer and press F8 key. Don’t release the key until your window loads the safe mode. Safe mode let the computer load only reproving processes which will make it difficult for malware virus to load itself. So, this virus will not execute when the windows commence.

STEP 3: Delete Temporary Files

So the next step you guys need to follow is to clear all the temporary files. Deleting those files will enhance the speed of virus scanning.

STEP 4: Scan Your Device

Well, guys, now its time to properly scan your device with a good Antivirus. As you guys all know that scanning is the perfect solution for all the viruses in your device. If your device is already supporting an antivirus then I would suggest you scan it with a new antivirus.

STEP 5: Run Malware Detector Tool

So, guys, the last step you need to follow is downloading the Malwarebytes in your system (or another tool). As you have disconnected your system from the Internet, connect it again and download Malwarebytes. Once you have installed it in your system, disconnect the Internet again from your system.  And if your infected device is not able to download it then download it on some other device and take it in your infected computer through a USB flash drive. Malware Detector Tool or Malwarebytes will help you get rid of it.

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So, guys, follow these five simple steps and rid of viruses on windows 10 system. And if there is anything which is not cleared yet then just feel free to contact us. Thank You.

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