How to Protect Apple Watch Screen From Damage

Despite the high-quality of Apple Watch, they are quite fragile. Especially their screen. Even if you are not involved in extreme sports, for example, skateboarding; you still have the risk of damaging the display after not the most successful collision with the door, or after the usual fall on the street. Obviously, it is much better to care about the protection of your watch than repairing the screen in the future.



Fortunately, modern technology does not stand still. If you have an Apple Watch, then a great idea would be to use apple watch screen protector, which is difficult to see on the watch itself. We decided to find out how strong the glass on the Apple Watch from a familiar company. And that’s what we learned. For several years of use on the whole team, there were only a couple of scratches on aluminum models. And not a single one on steel ones. But in fact, everything is not so cool.

In the first case, Apple Watch uses tempered glass Ion-X, which is almost no different about what they put on the iPhone and iPad. In the second – an artificial sapphire. They are distinguished by their hardness: artificial sapphire is harder than tempered glass – up to 9 points versus 7 on the Mohs scale. But as hardness increases, flexibility suffers. It turns out that tempered glass in aluminum watches is easier to scratch, and artificial sapphire in steel and ceramic watches is easier to break.

However, in real use, everything is decided by chance. Therefore, you can scratch or break any Apple Watch. For the replacement of the display in these watches, companies often ask for more than $200, so it makes sense to get reliable protection. You can protect your display in a variety of ways, now we will introduce you to some of them.

they’re a valuable accessory to have. Tough apple watch screen protectors can be a great way to keep your new device as good as new. You will be able to drop all worries and enjoy your day casually.

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Nano coating Why not buy it

First of all, we tried this method of protection. Came to a local electronics store, poured the liquid without a color on the watch. And there was said that after six months, the procedure would have to be repeated. We compared screens with such protection and the most common screens. As for the result, we did not see the difference even under a magnifying glass. Conclusion – there is practically no sense from such protection. Therefore, I sincerely advise you not to spend time and money on it.

Flexible film

We talked to the guys who regularly glue such films on their screens at the local Apple Store, and they said that usually, this film lasts a maximum of six months. Then it all becomes scratched, and it needs to be changed after a while. The film slightly protects the Apple Watch display from scratches. Why so? The film due to the peculiarities of the structure of the watch is only in the center of the screen and does not go to the side. In addition, the film will not help against blows. The watches themselves look ridiculous, but in this case, there’s no need to talk about full-screen protection at all.

Protective case

We used Spigen Slim Armor cases with Apple Watch for more than a month. Impressions were both positive and negative. Why? Let’s figure it out. On the one hand, such accessories greatly change the appearance of the watch, the standard design of which is already tired, they also protect the device case, and with the help of special sides – in addition, the screen. On the other hand, along with the Apple Watch protective case, they look large (and sometimes scary), not so pleasant to the touch; and they are also heavy. As for the screen protector, the case does not always save it. If there is a nail or other sharp object in the way of the display, you will immediately have to send your Apple Watch directly to the service.

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Glass for Apple Watch

This glass protects well the central part of the screen of the watch, but it looks even worse than the film. The Apple Watch glass bend at the top of the display is very noticeable. Therefore, the usual protection on the iPhone looks fine, but on the watch, it does not cause anything but negative emotions. But such glass, unfortunately, is put on the watch by very many people. If you do not care about the appearance of the watch, then this is not the worst way to protect them. Even Chinese glass is hard to scratch and can be perfectly protected from impacts. It is a pity that not the whole screen, but only its central part.

The tempered glass that protects your watch

Safety glass is really a real find. We have long been using similar glass on the iPhone, so as soon as we found it on Amazon, we immediately ordered for all of our watches. And that’s why. Firstly, this glass perfectly protects the entire display. For two weeks of use, the glass itself was not scratched and did not break even after hitting the corner of the door. Secondly, the glass is made in such a quality way that it is practically not visible on the display. As it follows from here, the display itself remains the same in appearance as it was. Which means that the watch almost does not change the way it looks.


As a result, we can advise this particular protection option for the watch display. If one of us tried it before, then we definitely would not spend time and money on all other ways of protection. But, as we say, it is useful to gain experience! And you have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others.

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