Play Old School Time Video Games Super Mario, Contra on Your Android

Before the evolution of gaming technology, most of us used to play video games like Super Mario, Contra, Batman etc. which were used to be our life’s crucial part of our childhood. Actually, those were the games with which we are initiated to gaming first. So, we proud gamers started our gaming life with that.

Most of us didn’t even forget those games and those gaming experiences with our friends. So, if you want to play those games again and if you want to bring those childhood memories then you are in the right place to check those out.

In childhood, we used to play those games on a small gaming console with a games cassette in it.But now if you are wondering how to play those games, then don’t worry.Now you can play those games on your android.Now you may be wondering how to download those games as you didn’t even remember the names of your favourite games, then also don’t worry. you can download those on the link I provided below.


There are actually more than 1000 video games. If you are thinking how to download those 1000 games individually, then there is no need of downloading those games individually and get confused. Now you can download those games in just one file of size 2mb and there are about 1200 games in it. yeah, you just heard right.

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It consists 1200 games. Games like Contra, Super Mario, tank 90, Batman, ballon6, Bomberman etc are there in that file. Now it is the right chance and right time for you to download and enjoy your childhood memories.then why late, download it from the link I provided and enjoy.


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