Top 3 Photo Frame Apps To Instantly Make Any Image Look Better

Photo Frame Apps: If there’s one thing that’s more fun for me than taking photos with my phone, it’s editing them. A dash of creativity can make an image really shine and bring so much engagement than an average one. Lately, I’ve been playing with photo frames both for private and business reasons and found out they make images pop out. No matter if you use a frame or create a collage of multiple pictures, you can bring it to the next level and make them so much more memorable.

Of course, that does mean some extra work so, in this article, I’ll list a couple of photo frame apps I’ve tested out and found to be the most useful. There are many apps, but some are naturally better than other so if you’re looking for an app, my review might be helpful.

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Pic Collage – Fantastic App With A Minor Drawback

Put it simply, Pic Collage is great. Not because of the variety it offers, but because the app is well thought out. It’s very user-friendly as you can effortlessly manipulate multiple images at once. Additionally, they have a good number of presets so you don’t have to waste time randomly searching for items you’re likely to use for wedding or birthday images for example. Besides stylish frames, the app also has a decent inventory of stickers, backgrounds, grids and it provides a good customizing freedom. Overall, I found myself using this one the most.

The point where the app falls a bit short is the content library. You might have noticed I said they offer a decent inventory, not enormous for example. The reason why is because for many stickers, photo frames and other assets you have to pay. They don’t cost much, but if you want to really decorate something, it does pile up. The app really does offer an enormous variety and freedom, you just have to pay to get everything. But, if you’re ready to pay, I definitely recommend it.

LiveCollage – Two Sides of the Same App

LiveCollage is a less known app in comparison to the first one, but that doesn’t mean it’s worse. Same as Pic Collage, it’s very easy to use and you don’t have to worry about wasting time where is what. Creating collages is its biggest strength and I managed to couple up to 9 pictures in a single college. I don’t think you’ll often have the need to do this, but it doesn’t hurt to have such a wide window. One fun although not necessarily useful feature is the motion stickers. They definitely aren’t a deal-breaker, but they can provide a nice touch and make the image seem more alive if you combine it correctly.

First of all, I tested the app both on iOS and Android and realized the iOS version works better and even has more options. It’s surprising that the developers put so much more features in iOS that the Android counterpart seems like a poor copycat. So if you’re an iOS user, congrats! Secondly, it seems the app doesn’t handle overloading too well. If you use too much material, the app might start lagging. So a simple solution is to make sure to clean everything up before starting a new project.

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Adobe Photoshop Express – Photoshop Made Simple

The inclusion of Adobe Photoshop Express might surprise you a bit since you’re here looking for extremely simple apps, but let me explain. Imagine Photoshop Express like extremely simplified desktop version. You still get the top-quality features with a more user-friendly UI.

You can do whatever you want with your images from cropping, rotating and fixing everything you don’t like in the image. Plus, the app comes with just the right amount of custom picture frames and fonts that you can do almost everything you want. Yes, it is a bit more robust than the first two, but it took me only a couple of hours to get a handle of it and after that, it really started to shine.

The problem is this app falls in a weird place between not being exactly for casual or professional users. As I said, the features are a bit more advanced than with other apps, but at the same time, they aren’t robust enough for professionals who are used to the desktop version. So it floats in the middle-space where everyone will find it useful, but not many people will pick it as their go-to app.


So here you, my top 3 apps for photo editing and frames. I did test out a couple of others but these 3 ended up being my top choices. Before I finish the article, I can provide one more advice. Some of the tested apps I found on a top 10 photo framing apps page I stumbled up while doing my research I’d like to share.

Top 10 Apps For Photo Framing

This is just in case you don’t find any of my personal favorite apps useful and want to test something else. I highly advise you test the 3 apps first, but none of them fit your needs, you can check what else is on the market. Whatever app you choose, I hope you’ll find it useful and it will help you make even better content than you did until now. I wish you the best of luck and thanks for reading.

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