Top 10 Best MP3 to MIDI Converters 2019

I was trying to experience the Best Music by converting the MP3 to MIDI by using specific pitch value, velocity, clock signals, and music tempo. Have you ever tried MP3 to MIDI conversion on your device which gives an ultimate output with outstanding Audio Format?

In this article, I will show you the Best MP3 to MIDI Converters which can do much more than a normal conversion of audio format.

We all know that MP3 is generally preferred as an audio format on any Music Player. Whereas MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface which first comes into existence in the 19th century. MIDI converters can be of any type like a Software or a Hardware.

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You can try the MIDI Converters like Online, Offline, Sites, Apps, and Softwares which suits your device and availability.

Best MP3 to MIDI Converters

When it comes to software it will be like “Intelliscore” or other software whereas hardware will be like DecaBox MIDI. But now we are going to discuss the Top 10 Best MP3 to MIDI Converters that are available on the market which can be used on systems and laptops.

What is MIDI Converter?

MIDI is a technical standard that describes a communications protocol which is used at many kinds of music composing stations. It also uses a digital interface and electrical connectors that connect a wide variety of electronic musical instruments. There are some systems that are used to make and connect sounds like synthesizers, samplers, and computers.

How to convert MP3 to MIDI File Format

There are some software and hardware that can Convert MP3 to MIDI Format and also convert any Audio Format to MIDI Format. But make sure that you download a correct software which perfectly converts MP3 Audio to MIDI Format. You can also go to official sites of MIDI Converters and convert the type of file which you want to change to MIDI file.

Apart from MIDI Converter software, there are so many online sites that allow the user to change any type of music file into MIDI file. But there is a limit for uploading the file to the official site which varies depending upon the service provider. Every Online Tool has its own functions and features which are shown below in the MIDI Converters description.

List of Best MP3 to MIDI Converters of all time

1. Widisoft Home

It is one of the Best MP3 to MIDI Converter which is used by so many users and available on market for Windows users. Not only converting MP3 to MIDI, but it also converts WIDI Audio to MIDI plugin which is the best thing. This is a paid Windows Software which supports certain platforms like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

2. Bear File Converter

This is a very simple MP3 to MIDI converter which is the Best Windows Online Tool to convert Audio. It makes the MP3 to MIDI conversion very easy by providing Best User Interface and it is free of cost. It allows the user to upload any file size up to 50MB and supports Audio Formats like WAV, OGG, AAC, and WMA.

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3. Intelliscore

Intelliscore is another Best MP3 to MIDI Converter which is mainly dedicated to converting any music files to another musical notation. It is one of the most experienced tools which allows the user to get Free Downloads and Video Tutorials. MP3 to MIDI conversion can be done perfectly by using this Intelliscore site.

4. ConverterLite

ConverterLite has more than 2,000,000 Downloads and it is the Best MP3 to MIDI converter for Windows users. As the name indicates Lite, so it has very few functions and features when compared with other systems. Whenever you are downloading new software make sure that you don’t download unnecessary files along with the original required file.

5. AmazingMIDI

AmazingMIDI is an amazing software tool to convert MP3 to MIDI file. Not only MP3 to MIDI file, but it also converts WAV files to MIDI format and allows the user to handle both monophonic and polyphonic music. This software supports the selective windows operating systems and has a clean User Interface.

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6. Audacity

Most of my friends have suggested me to use this Audacity which is an Open Source MIDI Converter. It is available for all platforms like Windows, MAC, and Linux which is one of the best parts in it. There are very simple steps to download and install the tool on your computer based on the operating system.

7. Zamzar

Zamzar is one of the Free online file conversion providers especially to convert MP3 files to MIDI format. First, you need to choose the file from the URL or from the folder on your PC. Next, it will ask you to choose a particular file format which you need the final output. You can simply download the file or provide your email address to receive the file after conversion.

8. MIDI Converter

MIDI Converter is one of the Rare Android App for MP3 to MIDI Conversion. All you need to do is choose an Audio file from your mobile which you want to convert MP3 to MIDI. Start Converting the file which allows you to Download the converted file or share file through email. But make sure that you try this app on your own risk because it is not very popular and has the least rating.

9. Voice to MIDI

Voice to MIDI is another Mp3 to MIDI Converter App which is available on Google Play Store for free. As the name indicates, it allows the user to convert voice to MIDI file and saves the file on phone storage. If you find any difficulty while using this app or if it is not working properly then uninstall the application to avoid further complications.

10. MIDI to MP3

MIDI to MP3 is one of the Best MIDI to MP3 converter which is available for iOS users on iTunes or Apple App Store. Not only converting into an MP3 file, but it also converts MIDI into WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and other file formats easily. It got the highest rating for its Performance and High-Quality Audio output.


I hope this article “Top 10 Best MP3 to MIDI Converters 2019” is helpful for you to get the Best MP3 to MIDI Converters. If you like this article, then do share with your friends and family. If you have any queries and suggestions, please let us know and feel free to comment us below.

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