Everything You Need To Know About Google Business

Google just launched Google My Business and it’s a seamless solution to the lingering issue of managing the Google existence across multiple platforms. According to Google, this launch would help mainly the small businesses to connect easily with their clients/customers by bringing together all their business information including Google+, Maps, and Search. This new tool is about how easily your clients would find you across all Google platforms.

Know About Google Business

Google My Business components

All businesses can do content posting, track analysis, interact with customers and launch Hangout all on a single dashboard. So here is a look at the sections of ‘My Business Dashboard’:

  • The business info Editor – This contains guidelines related to completing your profile entirely. You can update all business information, Google + and maps from here. There is an option called “View Your Business on Google”, this allows you to view your listing across different Google platforms. You also have options for reporting issues, deleting listing and getting help.
  • Reviews – You can see the reviews of your business on the big Google and also online. You can even respond to reviews on Google in the dashboard itself. In the review section, you also get analytics for these reviews.
  • Insights – Right in the insights section you get information on engagement, visibility, and audience. You can view the engagement on your posts based on the type of content, text, videos, and photos. There are categories in which information regarding audience is further sub-categorized like country, gender etc. One thing is that some data is available only if you exceed 200 followers.
  • YouTube – You can get the information related to engagement related to your videos in the dashboard.

It’s all about getting started

According to Google reports most have shifted to Google My Business. This new feature was made available to 235 regions having 65 types of languages on the same day. Get into the Business page and you can sign in with the blue color button that reads ‘Get on Google’. Use the search box to type your business name and Google would display the results. If you are not a local business, Google also has an option for you. Just click on ‘Not a local business’ and get started.

This is how Google My Business is useful for small ventures

  • Businesses can update all information like name, contact number, address, opening and closing hours etc.
  • It’s easy to respond to customer reviews
  • You have the scope of adding attractive photographs and virtual tours to reveal the uniqueness of your business to the customers.
  • You can communicate with the customers mainly share news and events, you can also post social updates from the dashboard itself.
  • This new tool is mobile optimized; it has an android app so that you can manage your business on the go.
  • You can integrate customer insights with AdWords Experts to know how viewers and clients are interacting with your business. The insights are vivid and you can get demographic information as well. You can get insights like engagement, visibility and audience insights.

The best practices and advantages

Multiple locations – You must let people be aware that you have multiple locations. A lot of businesses feel that only registering the address of the headquarters is sufficient but it’s not. It is important to have all addresses registered. My Business is a very essential tool for small businesses; it has a bulk upload feature so that you can add several locations. Based on the location one is searching for, Google shows the closest office to the visitors and also shows the locations list on the map. Have one account to manage all the locations.

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You must not ignore reviews – Reviews have great power, therefore, do not neglect reviews, be it good or bad. It’s wise if you monitor reviews and handle them with care. Do answer reviews, try to solve the issues of the clients and focus on getting as many positive reviews possible. Tyr connecting with your clients mainly when customers feel like saying good things about you.

Consistency with information – Your Google + and website must show the same information upon entering the My Business page. Keep the page updated so that people have the correct information and can reach you.

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Engage in research, explore more and make the most of the communities because only then you can reach your prospects. Having Google My Business page and also being seen on Google Maps can boost visibility. If things go well Google would also focus your business as ‘verified’ and the benefits would follow. It is very simple to set up and it’s free, so optimize your business fast. Let your business be visible online to all customers.

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