High-Tech and Low-Tech Ways to Start Playing Poker

Poker is a popular pastime, enjoyed across the world for over three centuries, although some historians believe track it back around 1,000 years to 10th century China. Commonly played in casinos throughout the world, poker is also enjoyed among friends. So, there are many ways to get in on this old favorite game. Here is a look at a few of some of the traditional low-tech and more modern high-tech options to start playing.


The history of casinos is traceable back beyond that of poker. And wagering of some form has always been a part of almost every recorded human society, across all centuries and continents. However, casinos in their most modern form, with the vast floor space, hotel complexes, entertainment and swimming pools, were born in the 20th century when Nevada and New Jersey legalized commercial gaming, both of which have become popular destinations for groups of friends to enjoy card games such as poker among the many other forms of entertainment.

Play with Friends

There are many informal ways to play poker with friends. An inexpensive and available deck of cards is all you need to get started playing, and some friends, of course. Playing like this also presents a great opportunity to socialize and bond with friends while practicing your technique and developing new poker strategies.

Your TV

While games consoles have become widespread, there’s something about novelty games like this Multi-Player Poker TV Game. You plug this device into your TV, and up to six people can play ten different casino games, including poker. While this may not be what you will find professionals using to practice, it will likely be a fun experience to play with friends.

Online Casinos

Online casinos started in 1994 at the beginning of the dot-com bubble. By 1997, there were around 200 online casinos operating worldwide, with many different options for games, including lotteries, slots and card games. Modern online casinos add a more social element with the option to play with friends.

Mobile Poker Sites/Apps

You don’t need to be sitting at your computer desk to play poker online. Instead, you can use mobile apps for both iOS and Android. If your device runs neither of these operating systems, such as a Windows Phone or a BlackBerry, you may use the mobile web version of several poker websites. Playing on mobile is a great option if you have spare time to kill during your commute or are taking some time to relax away from your computer. Mobile has become a popular format for iGaming, with as many as 39 percent of mobile phone users using their device for in 2017


With a history going back perhaps as far as a millennium and spanning every continent of the world, poker can be a great game to play with friends, whether it be at home, a casino, online or even crowded around your TV. And while this pastime is readily accessible, thanks to it only needing a deck of cards or a mobile phone, it is easy to start playing. But mastering will take much longer.

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