How to Post a GIF on Facebook Comment

Add GIF to Facebook Comment: We are all known that Facebook is the most popular social media platform on this earth. In this post, we are discussing How to add GIFs to Facebook comments. Some times we can’t express our feeling in words then there you can use GIF to fulfill your idiom.

Do you know what is GIF? It is an animated image which includes images with some animations.

Facebook has introduced this GIF feature in Messenger, Most of the people are using GIFs on Messenger and sent nearly 13 billion GIFs in the last year. Facebook users likely to send GIFs rather than text while chatting with friends and loved ones.

Recently WhatsApp also introduced this GIFs feature. That’s why Facebook including an option to add GIF in facebook comments. It makes the conversation summarize your mood with a looping animation.

Unfortunately, If you copy and paste the GIF from the web to Facebook, it won’t work. But you can share the URL of the GIF with your Facebook friends, whenever click on that URL people can see the GIF. But it is not a quick and easy way to add GIF to Facebook comment.

If you are wondering, How to Post a GIF on Facebook Comment? How can I upload GIF images on Facebook? How do I post a Giphy on Facebook? How do you post a GIF on Facebook? Can you post a GIF on a Facebook comment? you are at the right place to solve your problem to add GIF to Facebook comments.

Follow the step by step guide to add GIF to Facebook comment.


Facebook users across the world can now add GIF to Facebook comment using the GIF button if you want to express your words in the form of GIF. If you want to know where is the gif bar on facebook? follow the guide carefully. To do so, this post will guide you on how to add GIF to Facebook comment.

  • If you are using the Facebook app on Android and iOS then updated it to the latest version.
  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone or simply go to the Facebook website.
  • Choose the post that you would like to add GIF comment on.
  • Now click on comment option and there you can see GIF icon.
  • Tap the GIF Icon in the comment bar.
  • Type your comment then it will show you some GIFs matching to the comment.
  • Select any one of them and make a comment that’s it.


I think this post might be given the full information about How to Post a GIF on Facebook Comment and if you have any issues during add gif to Facebook comment let us know via comment section. We will help you to post a GIF on facebook comment.

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