Getting Started With Android Car Stereo Head Unit

Most of the new cars on the market nowadays come with modern features that enable you to do cool things without taking your eyes off the road. Android car stereo head units are particularly interesting to many drivers. Previously, the universe of car drivers was awed by the introduction of third-party in-dash units that could interphase with Android smartphones. In-car infotainment has become even better now, as you can have a car stereo that actually runs on Android.

Android Car Stereo

The value of Android car stereo head units

There is so much to do with these advanced head units other than playing radio and CDs.
First, they come with a big touchscreen display, so it’s like you have a big tablet on your dashboard. This allows you easy navigation through the variety of functions availed. And you can imagine how enjoyable your videos will be as they are projected on the high-quality screen.

Voice control commands

Android car stereo head units allow you to keep your hands on the wheel while you get directions, communicate with your contacts, and control audio playback with your voice. With their strong amplification, you can be sure to get clear and solid audio quality at all volumes.

Enjoy an organized soundstage

If you find great joy in listening to music when driving, get an android car stereo head unit with a Dynamic Stage Organizer. This function calibrates the speakers’ frequency output in various locations so that the sound appears as if it is coming from the dashboard.

The sound quality is further enhanced by a built-in graphic equalizer that adds loads of sound sculpting options and well as opportunities for expanding the sound system. So, as long as the head unit is coupled with the best speakers, there is nothing that will deny you the great in-car entertainment that you are looking for. Click here for more information on choosing the best speakers for your car.

Park safely with rear view display

Another valuable feature of these head units is the ability to see how you park. You just install a rear camera and always park with ease using the video feed the system provides. There are head units in which this function activates automatically when you put the car in reverse.

Easy navigation

For flawless navigation, you can install navigation software such as Google Maps on your Android car head unit. And with the big display and the ability to make some hands-free conversations, navigation is like a breeze to you.
It’s easy to see that this device is a must-have for every driver who wants a more comfortable entertainment experience, navigation with ease, hands-free communication and easy control of audio playback via voice commands.

When choosing an Android car stereo head unit…

Remember to check what version of Android it’s running. Since this is quite a rapidly changing field there are some models of Android head units that lag behind tablets and handsets. You want the best Android car stereo for your car; ensure that it runs on the latest version of Android OS.

This means you have to stay updated on operating systems technology. Whichever smart device you have, you will find useful information about the latest technological developments to ensure that you get the best out of your device.



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