How to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10

Video Scheduler Internal Error: You might have heard about Video Scheduler Internal Error that occurs by displaying a blue screen with an error message like Video Scheduler Internal Error. So many Windows 10 users have faced this issue on their systems and reported on this issue. We have a solution to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error which is given below.

How to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error
How to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error

So, we have decided to write an article on How to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10 which can help people to get rid of this issue. So, try the following steps given here which will definitely help you to fix the problem.

What is Video Scheduler Internal Error?

Video Scheduler Internal Error is also called as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error which occurs whenever there is a fatal violation in the video scheduler. This kind of issue occurs when there is a conflict caused by the Graphics card and Hardware drivers.

If you find this issue on your PC then it will usually show a blue screen and freezes for a moment before acquiring this issue. So, before trying the methods to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error we will take a look at various causes of Video Scheduler Internal Error.

Reasons for Video Scheduler Internal Error

  • Whenever there is a Virus or Malware infection caused by system
  • Sometimes it may occur due to various Hardware issues
  • When the Corrupt Windows system files are present
  • In very few cases it can happen due to Corrupt Windows Registry
  • Incompatible, corrupted or outdated Graphics drivers.

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How to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10

There are many ways to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error which are included below. You don’t have to try all of them. Just choose the Best Method to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error which suits your issue and device.

  1. Update device drivers
  2. Reinstall faulty drivers
  3. Update the Regular Windows Updates
  4. Check the possible system file and hard drive corruption.

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Method1: Update Device Drivers

Whenever your system drivers are outdated then the Video Scheduler Internal Error may occur. So you should always verify that you are using the right drivers and they are up to date by installing Latest Driver Updates. You can also try using the Free Driver Updater which can help you to install updates automatically.

You can Update System Drivers in two ways. One is manually and the other is automatically.

Manually: Updating your device drivers manually is a bit risky and time taking process. Because you should go to the manufacturer’s website, search for correct driver files and Download Device Drivers which suits your Operating system and version.

Automatic Driver Updates: When it comes to Automatic Driver Updates, it will reduce your time, efforts, and even you don’t have to know any computer skills for that. All you need to do is just Download Driver Updater Tools from online and install it carefully on your desktop.

Method2: Reinstall faulty drivers

Some of the drivers present on your system may lead to the cause of Video Scheduler Internal Error. So, try to find them on your Desktop/Laptop and Reinstall them. Follow the given steps carefully and clear the video scheduler internal error windows 10.

Step1: Open Windows Search Bar and search for “Device Manager” and click on it.

video scheduler error
video scheduler error

Step2: You can find an option called “Scan for hardware changes” in the middle of the window. Click on it and wait for some time till the system searches for any hardware issues present on your computer.

internal video scheduler error
internal video scheduler error

Step3: If you find any device driver showing an unusual mark such as a yellow exclamation mark then try to uninstall it and reinstall it.

windows 10 video scheduler internal error
windows 10 video scheduler internal error

Step4: Now, right click on the device driver which you found issues and choose “Uninstall option”.

video scheduler internal error windows 7
video scheduler internal error windows 7

Step5: Once after clicking on Uninstall button, you will get a pop-up window for uninstalling confirmation. You can choose the ok option and uninstall the driver from your system.

how to solve video scheduler internal error
how to solve video scheduler internal error

In some cases, the system will again reinstall the device drivers automatically if you have enabled the automatic driver updates option on your device. If the computer doesn’t install the driver then try to choose the exact driver available online and install it correctly.

Method3: Update the Regular Windows Updates

As we all know that, for every Windows Operating System device we will be getting some regular updates which need to be installed on our computers to increase the performance of the system.

I especially observed that Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 7 occurs mainly due to irregular updating of Windows Updates and System Updates. So, follow the regular Windows Updates whenever your system notifies you to install it on the device.

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