How to fix Screen Overlay Detected Error on Any App on Android

Most of Android Marshmallow users are facing screen overlay detected error while using new apps on their device. Sometime you must be clicking pictures or recording videos using your camera and a sudden screen overlay detected popup will appear and you won’t be able to go ahead with your app activity without fixing screen overlay error on your device.

fix Screen Overlay Detected error

A screen overlay is one of the essential parts of the mobile phones created during our time. In case you are wondering what a screen overlay is, this simply refers to a feature which gives you the chance or option of having your applications show on the top part on your screen. While this feature is usually pretty cool, it can easily turn to another thing altogether when you are using Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook or any other Android App.

How to fix Screen Overlay Detected error on any App

If you are facing this problem, then you would probably be facing one of these problems;

  • Some of the users may not be able to have access to the newly installed app.
  • Some users may also not be able to use the basic functionality of apps such as WhatsApp users are not able to send and receive different forms of media due to the screen overlay issues that may keep popping up.

We know how annoying this may be. Therefore, we have found a way for you to show this problem with a snap of the fingers. Here are some the options you have in fixing screen overlay detected error.

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  • You could try to put off the overlay setting which pops up for every application. The first step would go to settings. Then you have to head to your app manager which should be fairly easy to find. Then tap on the more or the option that has three dots on the upper part of your screen. Next thing you would have to do is to click on the system setting options, then you would be able to remove the screen overlay option for all applications.

Screen Overlay Detected error on android

  • Another thing you could do is to give all the permission for screen overlay. All you have to do is to follow the instruction above until you get to the app manager. Click on the app on which you were facing an error and grant it permission.

How to fix Screen Overlay Detected error on any App

  • If none of above help you out then what you could do is just reset app preferences by going into app settings. This won’t clear any data of app, it will just reset all settings of the app on which you were facing screen overlay error.

Hope one of the above methods help you out to fix screen overlay error on whatever app you were facing and you are again able to enjoy your Android apps without any issues whatsoever. Additionally, you can also boot your phone into safe mode and your phone might start performing as earlier. All Android Phones do not support safe mode settings hence you can Google on how to switch to safe mode on your phone.

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