OK Google Isn’t working- How to fix it?

OK Google not working: The time has passed without us noticing. Voice recognition is something we take for granted and Siri is a household name. Google’s Live-in Intelligence voice command as we all know it as OK Google, which can search anything and everything and call anyone as per the voice command.

google now not working

Google is a voice search command developed by Google for the ease of search. It is basically very useful while driving and very convenient to use. You can speak anything you want to search; OK Google will do the task for you.

Is OK Google not really OK?

In the recent phrase of the time, it has come to the light that OK Google is not responding to the voice command of certain users or certain Android devices. The function seems to be bugged disabling the use of the voice command. After the recent auto update by Google, the voice command is not able to respond to the word Ok Google. The tech team of Google has confirmed the issue related to Android 7.4 version.

Fixing Ok Google to be OK!

Before fixing the problem, the measure of the problem is to be detected. A simple step to check if the voice command detection of ‘OK Google’ is turned on and is given access to.

One question can have multiple answers, the same way one problem can have many solutions. So, and there are many solutions for Ok Google to be OK.

Detect the problem; Ok Google only accepts US English voice command like the top btech colleges in Chennai will accept only top rank qualified students.

Check the setting –> Language & Input.

Sometimes giving access to multiple apps on the device may cause a problem. It’s just that multiple accessibilities will cause the device to function inappropriately. You can give access to a person to study btech course and medical course simultaneously, it will cause a malfunction. So, granting access to limited and needed apps may also solve the problem.

ok google not working

The debris around the microphone may cause a voice command problem. Be sure to clean the debris with some needle or a safety pin. A small problem can also cause a command not to function properly as the word fluctuation may cause confusion.

Voice command retrain. You can simply retrain Google with your voice and help it recognize your voice and by doing so the device will become less secure.

Running various apps in the background may create a confusing scenario for the voice command. Playing music in the background and screaming and yelling Ok Google to search something then there is a possibility that the voice command will not ok the search. So, minimize the use of multiple background apps and use one at a time. Then it will be definitely Ok.

The solution for Google voice not working

Ok, Google will detect the command from various options like from Google Search or from any screen or from the lock screen.

These options should be disabled. These will, unfortunately, disable the function but can directly use the voice search till the better code fix is assured.

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