Download 10 Best Windows 10 Themes | Skins 2019

Windows 10 Skins: Windows 10 has a better user interface compared with Windows 7 or Windows 8. Windows 10 Upgrade free is now available for everyone on Google and most of them are started using it. Windows 10 on your PC gives the best compatibility and excellent features that of Windows 7 OS.

As everyone began loving Windows 10 OS on Laptops and Desktops which has an interface like Microsoft Windows phones for Start Button on Windows 10.

Windows 10 icon packs also you can use change the look of your folder and icons on the desktop.

To add more colors and impressive look for your Windows 10 on PC, I have gathered some Cool Windows 10 Themes for Desktops free. These are also called as Windows 10 Skin Packs which makes your Desktop look more attractive than usual.

10 Best Windows 10 Skins | Themes 2019

1. Ades Theme

Best theme for windows 10

Ades Theme is one of the Best Windows 10 Dark Theme which gives a beautiful look to your Windows PC. This Dark Theme uses various shades of gray and adds some other colors for the windows in My Computer.

2. StartIsBack Theme

Download 10 Best Windows 10 skins

StartIsBack is a fantastic theme which provides the best user interface and displays the features like Windows 7. If you are addicted to Windows 7 OS then this theme will definitely help you to use Windows 7 operations on Windows 10.

3. Penumbra 10 Theme

best windows 10 themes

Penumbra 10 Theme is one of the Best Dark Theme for Windows 10 PC. This theme is designed to use neutral dark colors for every window on your Windows Desktop. If you are looking for complete Dark Theme then this is the only theme which you have to set it on your Desktop.

4. Ubuntu SkinPack

best windows 10 themes

As everyone may be aware of Ubuntu OS for PC and Ubuntu OS for mobile. But here you will find Ubuntu Theme for Windows 10 which has the best user interface. Try this Cool Theme on your Windows PC and experience the difference between standard Windows 10 OS customization and Ubuntu OS customization.

5. Nome Theme

best windows 10 themes

Nome is another Cool Theme for Windows 10 Desktop which carries a minimalistic look by giving a classic interface. This Nome Theme is one of the Best Windows 10 Classic Theme which gives fantastic look to Windows Desktop similar to Cloud Themes and has Best User Interface.

6. Silk Theme

cool windows 10 themes

Silk Theme is one of the Best Windows 10 Custom Themes which enhances the Operating System features. It will change Windows OS look to a Notebook one and you can customize the colors according to your wish.

Download Silk Theme for Windows PC and experience a Best User Interface and Customization is very easy using this Windows 10 Theme.

7. Diversityx VS Theme

windows 10 skins

Diversityx VS Theme has the cool glassy transparent interface and looks classic on your Windows Desktop. Download Diversityx VS Theme for Windows 10 which is one of the Best Classic Theme and also the Best Custom Theme for Windows OS

It changes the entire outlook of every window and customizes the color and texture in a different way.

8. FootPaths Theme

best windows 10 themes

FootPaths Theme is one of the Best Nature Theme for Windows 10 which comes with features like Nature Wallpapers and Forest trails Skins.

This Classic Theme has eleven HD nature images that will ultimately change your Windows 10 outlook. Download FootPaths Theme and experience the feel like stepping through your screen into the Nature of Beauty.

9. Flattastic Theme

Best Windows 10 Themes | Skins

Flattastic Theme includes 8 versions of Flattastic Light theme and 8 Versions of Flattastic Dark Theme. This is one of the Best Custom Theme for Windows 10 which comes with Best User Interface and makes customizing very easy.

Download Flattastic Theme for Windows 10 PC and customize your own Desktop outlook designs with different colors.

10. Oxford Theme

best windows 10 themes

You may have heard about Oxford University, Oxford Dictionary, and Oxford Golf Resort but here I will show you Oxford Theme for Windows 10 PC.

This theme will changes the entire design of your Windows 10 OS and gives an excellent look to your PC or Laptop. This minimalistic theme is one of the Best Classic Theme that you must try on your Windows 10 PC.


Q: How do you get themes on Windows 10?

A: You can download windows 10 themes from here.

Q: Does Windows 10 theme have dark mode?

A: Yes. To enable Windows 10 Dark Mode, you need to go to the Colors settings. To do this you have to go to Settings –> Personalization –> Colors or type “dark” into the Start Menu search box and select “Color settings”.

Now scroll down until you see “Choose your default app mode” here change clock on dark option. that’s it. Dark mode enabled.

Q: Where are the Windows 10 themes | skins stored?

A: Here “C:\Windows\Web” themes and wallpapers will be store.

Q: How do I delete themes in Windows 10?

A: Open run command to do that click Windows + R buttons and paste this – %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Themes. You will find themes and delete any theme which one you want.

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I hope this article “10 Best Windows 10 Themes | Skins” helpful to find the best windows 10 skin | Theme for your computer. If you know any Themes for windows 10 let us know via comment section. Feel free to comment down below and do share with your friends and relatives in social media.

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