Buying Proxies? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Many internet users have different reasons when it comes to buying and using proxies. Others may want to buy a proxy so as to remain anonymous while browsing the internet or while accessing restricted sites in their regions but for business owners, the motive could be for study purposes on matters to do with competitor research. All these tasks are possible when you have proxies in place.

Other users may even use a proxy to watch Netflix overseas. You can trust proxies for your numerous internet usages, however, you must ensure to avoid some common mistakes when buying proxies. Committing these mistakes while purchasing your proxies could hinder you from getting the most out of your purchase. Avoiding them could be advantageous.

Below are some of the common mistakes that people make when buying proxies. But before we embark on the mistakes, let’s first find out what a proxy is:

What is a Proxy?

A proxy or a proxy server is a computer or a tool that acts as a barrier between a computer user and the web and mainly used to safeguard user’s information. It can be said to be a third-party or an intermediary between your computer and other computers on the internet, one that provides you with an opportunity to browse the web, send and receive information anonymously.

Why use a Proxy?

A proxy is not designed for specific users, anyone can use it, however, if you are planning to browse the web without leaving traces or without using your real IP address, then proxies can help to hide your real IP address and assign you a proxy server IP address. By doing this, you will be safer online than when you browse the internet directly. Today, there are many types of proxies such as backconnect rotating proxies for web crawling among other.

Let’s dive into the common mistakes that you should avoid as a proxy buyer.

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1. Buying insufficient proxies

Thinking of buying proxies to do a big job? Buy enough proxies. Many people think that the better way to do things is to buy a single proxy and create a large number of accounts to accomplish big jobs. While this is seen as a cost-saving approach, it can make you get banned. If you have a big job to accomplish, ensure to buy enough proxies.

You will have a short time to have a big job completed in time when you buy enough proxies. In fact, it is advisable to buy proxies in bundles, but you must first get to know how big or small the job you are planning to accomplish is to help you find out the number of proxies suitable to accomplish the job.

2. Buying proxies on the basis of the price

Apart from how much the proxies are selling at, there are other crucial factors that you must take into account, therefore, you should not buy proxies based solely on price as this might not give you value for your money. In fact, today, many companies are out there selling proxies and some will pretend to sell them at a cheaper price, however, you must look beyond their price so that you really are aware of the value you will get from the proxies.


These are just a few of the common mistakes which proxy buyers make. There are others such sharing proxies with friends, buying the wrong proxies, buying proxies without prior testing and more. It is good to make sure you are keen on every step and avoid these mistakes so that you buy the best proxies possible.

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